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This is Me

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This is me. I am transparent. I am vulnerable. I embody a colorful past of experiences, high and lots that had shadowed me to become the person I am today. I am proud of who I am, but still understanding that I am nowhere where I am supposed to be. I am excited to create a colorful adventure and embark on a journey that will continue to mold me and inspire the people around me. This is all of me.

🚩Photography - empowers my eyes, learning to appreciate good in everything
🚩FruitCarving - an artwork that proves imagination has no limit, so don't limit yourself to learn new things in life. I believe that everyone is an artist, we just need to discover it and improve.
🚩SoloTravel - an activity that gives me so many lessons I haven't learned in school.
🚩EcoWarrior - during my travels, I have learned how our ecosystem works, how it affects our daily and the society. So we must help to protect and preserve our environment so the future generations will still have a chance to see a wonderful world that we are experiencing right now. I just want to share awareness about Climate Change and how plastic waste kills our oceans and marine life.

It is true that darkest days lead you to your greatest power and strength. I've been a victim of bullying and I suffered so much depression and loneliness. I also survived from severe blood complications. And because of that I learned to appreciate my life. That is why I want to be an inspiration to others that whatever you are going through right now, always believe that when there is a dark clouds, the sun is still shining and tomorrow is another day. We just need to believe in ourselves that whatever it may take, God is within us, so we must do good, share kindness as kindness recycles itself, courageously continue fighting and be the voice to those who cannot speak.

#Adventurer #SoloTraveler #Photographer #FruitArtist
#OutdoorEnthusiast #EcoWarrior #FightBullying

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ArtRosalejos travel blog images

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