El Nido Palawan Philippines

El Nido Palawan Philippines

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The name El Nido - meaning 'the nest' - was given to the town by the Spanish, who arrived in Palawan in the 18th century. It is the nest of the Philippines' finest and world-class travel destination.
That is so true that El Nido is the last frontier of the Philippines as I personally experienced and touched its unique beauty and charm. It is also known as the best beach travel destination in the country because of its crystal clear water, fine sand and happy people.

It needs effort to visit this destination, as for me a solo traveler, traveling alone is a great challenge. But I can say that this expedition with my fellow travelers I have met is one of a kind because I got to see real beauty of the world in Palawan.

Great rock formations, beautiful islands and islets, tasty seafood and kind people, this what El Nido is.

I am actually writing this article while on boat after my first day of trip to this most beautiful place in the world. I can smile while saying that I have finally touched the best place on earth where I thought impossible for me to reach.

I personally thank Kuya Ryan Garcia Perez for making this dream come true. So to my fellow travelers, my family and friends all over the world and here in the Philippines if you are planning to go to El Nido, please contact Kuya Ryan at 09260387378 he is a local tour organizer in El Nido and definitely willing to help you, and offer you the most affordable rates but will never compromise your travel experience.

Why choose Kuya Ryan Perez?
👉Because he offers the most affordable tour package in El Nido
👉Because he is a local tour organizer in El Nido so he will never take advantage
👉Because if you book with locals, you give opportunities, so let us give opportunities to them not to those big time travel agencies based out of El Nido
👉Because he knows the history of El Nido
👉Because he has experienced tourguides who are very friendly, accommodating and very excellent in taking your photos and videos
👉Because he will give you the most comfortable accommodation you never expect, awesome
👉And because... that's for you to discover, so book now.

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ArtRosalejos travel blog images

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