Things Not To Do In Goa

Things Not To Do In Goa

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It’s no secret that Goa is the favourite bachelorette destination to travel around, so I’m always trying to think of any Goa travel tips I can share to make your trips to Goa even better. A lot of the articles I write about travel here are inspired by questions people have asked me about planning their Goa holidays, as I get a lot of the same questions over and over.

But I also see so many people making the same mistakes while planning their trip to Goa, so I thought today I could address some of the things you should avoid doing while travelling in Goa with TravelBinz.

1. Avoid Saree & Lungi At The Beaches
You must be thinking who wear the sarees and lungi on the beaches? Actually, some people from South India don’t mind to wear lungi on the beaches of Goa. It’s not wrong. But, you should avoid wearing those attires at this bachelorette destination. At least for the sake of Goan culture which inspires everyone to party around at the beaches and dance clubs.

2. Don’t Drink and Drive

Be a serial kisser, not a serial killer on your Goa trip. The famous party capital of India is the favourite spot for bachelorette fun but, you should avoid drinking beer or wine and ride a car or bike. There are instances when the news of major accident comes from Goa. There are places and bars in Goa where you can satiate your beer cravings and could spend good times with your friends. So, I advise you to take care of that and don’t drink and drive on your Goa trip.

3. Watersports Is Fun, But Only Under the Guidance Of Instructor

Remember that you’re on a common person just like everyone in this planet. You’re not Superman or Batman. It’s better to choose watersports like Kayaking, Surfing and Parasailing and performs these activities under the guidance of an expert instructor. By doing this, you can minimize the risk of death and can satiate your watersports cravings on your Goa vacations.

4. Misbehave With the Locals And See Life After Death

While enjoying good times and claiming yourself that you're the boss of your own vacation is fine, we all do. But trying to be over smart and pretending in front of locals that you’re the only boss of Goa after having 4-5 drinks is not a good choice. This may lend you in serious trouble and you may get the imprisonment and who knows, may lead to death. Yes! Chances are you’ll see the death from very close if you’ll indulge in a fight with the locales. You’re a guest over there. So, maintain some decency and have fun in a good manner.

5. Don’t Go Topless

So now you may be wondering why I’m saying this? Well, there is a reason. Few people get mad over Goa beaches and parties and forget that Goa is located in India. The party capital of India ozzes with the amazing nightlife and promotes western culture in the form of parties, fun and entertainment but, one should not forget that being the state of India, there are rules in Goa also. You can’t go topless in Goa. If you will, you'll be considered for breaking a law and will tour the jail for a few days.

This is all about the things you should avoid doing in Goa If you are keen on finding the top travel tips to Goa, check out Travel Binz Reviews, read their happy clients' feedback and judge yourself what other travellers said about Goa. I'm sure you'll find the feeling you are looking for in someone else's words. So, what are you waiting for?


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