Things that make women horny

Things that make women horny

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Do you want to know what makes women want to be with you, what turns them on, and what gets them wet as hell? To put it another way, do you want to know what makes women horny?

The issue with women is that, unlike males, they don't appear to be born horny. You'll have to finesse them a little bit if you want them to lust for you and want to rip your clothing off.

But first, some good news: turning a lady on isn't as difficult as you would believe.

The second piece of good news is that I'm going to reveal what makes ALL ladies horny in this post.You'll be able to push her buttons on command by the conclusion of the piece, and she'll be ready for the greatest sex of both of your life.

Let's get started.

Make her feel sexy!

Did you know that a woman isn’t horny unless she feels sexy? This is probably not the case for males who appear to be horny all of the time. Women, on the other hand, aren't in the mood for sex if they're insecure and feel icky.

It's your obligation to make her feel sexy today if she doesn't feel sexy today. The first thing you should do is flatter/compliment her. If you go this way, make sure your praises are 100% sincere. If they aren't, she'll figure out you're lying to her... She'll never have sex with you, and she'll never have sex with you.

·         Drop in a sexual clue

What exactly is a sexual cue?

It's something that puts a lady who isn't even aroused in the mood for sex just by hearing, listening, or seeing it.

It may, for example, be a steamy sex scene in a film. Your girl was lazily watching a melodrama and fiddling with her phone when all of a sudden, a steamy shower scene arouses her (and you).

Her thoughts have already wandered to the things she'd like to do to you in the shower before you realize it.

 Share you wet dream with her!

Have you lately had a sexual dream about her? Then tell her about it! Even if you haven't had a sexy dream about her in a while, you may make one up to tell her about. Why? Because there are few things that make a woman as hot as a man telling her he had an erotic dream about her.

Of course, your fantasy must be sexy. There should be sex in it as well, whether it's full-on penetrative sex or just foreplay, and you should be adept at telling her about the dream.

You can say something like, "I'm not sure I should be sharing this with you, I mean it's quite dirty," for example. 

You could also whisper portions of it to her to intrigue her even more, and tease her with phrases like "you really want to know what happened next?"

The most important thing is that you paint pictures for her since it is these pictures that will raise her desire for you and make her aroused. 

·         Touch her!

Do you know what it takes to turn a female who is ordinarily uninterested on?


Let's pretend a guy and a female are out on a date. While the guy is engaging in decent conversation, the girl's initial attraction to him has faded
He hasn't showed her that he wants her, thus it's dwindled. He's made the majority of the talk about himself, and she's ready to go. She was hoping for sex tonight, but it's evident that he isn't interested.

Despite this, he unexpectedly touches her on the thigh. This demonstrates his want and intention: he desires her.

Her heart suddenly starts thudding rapidly, she gets butterflies, and she realises what's going on. Chasing all, the dude is after her.

And that touch has made her insanely horny.

Naturally, the manner in which you touch a lady and the location in which you touch her are important. You can't simply walk in and grab her behind because that's weird and unethical. You could touch her on the arm or shoulder if you're flirting and she's plainly inviting some sexual banter. You may even play with her hair and congratulate her on it, or even touch her ear if the two of you are growing close.

You might try touching her thigh if the two of you are sitting close enough and there is definitely a spark. Make it as sensual as possible, and allow her thoughts be guided by your actions. To put it another way, use your touch to arouse her desire.

This method is used by most of our graduates in our book – “The Erotic Journey of the Seven Graduates

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