How to have an eco-friendly holiday in UAE

How to have an eco-friendly holiday in UAE

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As a traveller, we often overlook the very important consideration of ecotourism. Even if you want to, it might sound hard to put into action. Here are some tips to help you transform your journey into a wonderful, but eco-friendly, experience.

We all are growing and developing to be a responsible citizen on the earth. From being law-abiding to eco-friendly humans, we are all some way a stickler to rules. But when it comes to travelling, the green and clean strategy often fail. Plane emits carbon, hotels use gallons of water, entertainment use up maximum resources- even a simple travel of yours manages to leave the heavy carbon footprint.

Established as one rich, glamour and luxurious country in the world, UAE is not just known for its happy well-being but is also making efforts to a more sustainable world. If you ever decide to make a trip here, be ready to meet people who are passionately environmental-aware.

Here are a few practical steps to follow for a eco-friendly travel in UAE, which includes everything from flying & staying to having fun.


Find cheap, eco flights


Dubai, a metropolis city in the UAE is known for its mega transformation from a sleeping village to a grown cosmopolitan emirate. Bagging the top awards for its outstanding architecture, the city now efforts to be more of a sustainable and environmental caring place. For this, it has constructed the new airport, Dubai World Central International Airport. It’s best for booking cheap flights and private jets because the eco-friendly business jet allows you to save a little money as the fuel charges are not so high.

Stay in green resorts

UAE is proud to announce deluxe places and resorts for its travellers to stay, which is an impressive blend of ecotourism and luxurious hospitality. Few are based on environmental programs, while others are home to several animals and birds. To help you out, you can check out these-


•     Al Maha Desert Resort & Spa, Dubai

•     Desert Islands Resort & Spa, Abu Dhabi

•     Radisson Blu Resort, Sharjah

•     Ras Al Jinz, Oman


Drop the idea of cabs and use public transport


It might sound fancy to explore a city in your personal and private transfer, but this way millions of tourists can create an environmental effect through air pollution. So, the safest way is either involve in carpooling or choose public transport. UAE is rich in these modes of transportation, like double-decker buses, ships and water taxis.

You can also ditch the buses and cars with walking around and strolling on the beautiful footpaths of the city. You can explore the city with a new perspective as you walk by the beach.


Embrace the city’s love with Dhow Cruise Dubai

Stacking aside all options of entertainment, the best dhow cruise in Dubai is a masterpiece. Built out of the traditional ship, the dhow cruise is eco-friendly yet luxurious. It is an unforgettable expedition where you have access to double deck, join the live shows like dance performances and devour into succulent dinner. Everything seems green and beautiful as you glide across the bay and find yourself in the middle of water away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


Sit down in a green happy restaurant


UAE is known for locally produced eats which is organic and rich in nutrients. So, keep the foreign restaurants off the list and discover one which says, “green and organic”. All aren’t true to it, some can use it just as a marketing tool, but you must research for them. And it’s a neat option to pick until someone comes with a better answer to the environment.


Well, these remain the prominent tips in UAE, the common follow-ups are-


-      Plastic bottles could be a lot of waste, so, strictly avoid these.

-      Don’t use plastic bags; dumping them in water or land creates pollution.

-      It’s noted- the more the plane weighs, the more emission. So, pack only what’s required and keep it light.

-      Most of the plane’s emissions happen during takeoff and landing, so, choose planes with no stopovers. Well, cheap flights with stopovers are tempting but we already said eco-friendly actions are tough to do.

-      Desert Safari in UAE is a great option to meet and treat the nature well.


Let’s together travel eco-friendly!

Sustainability has become a key target for planners in UAE over the last several years. And ultimately, for any traveller on any trip, the basic thing to remember is how not to affect the environment through any means of fun and adventure.

In a survey, two-thirds of the respondents came forward and talk about the potential that eco-tourism held. Not Just UAE, being in any city, any county, any destination one must look for all pragmatic possibilities to keep the place clean, strive for eco-friendly activities and also teach the communities for greener policies.

Hope you start practising them today!

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UAE Travel Tips travel blog images

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