4 Uplifting Trekking Spots near Yercaud

4 Uplifting Trekking Spots near Yercaud

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Yercaud is a hill station located in Salem District in the state of Tamil Nadu. Lying on the Shevaroyans Ranges in the Eastern Ghats, this beautiful place is at an altitude of 4970ft above sea level. Also known as Jewel of the South, Yercaud has some of the best trekking places around. Are you and your friends interested in the adventure? If yes, you must try these best trekking spots near Yercaud. Check them out!

Bear Caves

Bear Caves in Yercaud is situated close to the Norton’s Bungalow, on way to the famous Shevaroy Temple. The cave would take you deep into the hill which is believed to be the abode of Lord Murugan. It is a must visit place for adventure travelers. Why the name bear cave when there are no bears inside? The name was given as there is a coffee estate beside the caves beyond which there are bears housed.

The cave’s area is about 7 feet below the level of the ground. As you reach the entrance of the cave trekking to the point, you will have in front of you a dark territory waiting to be explored. It is believed that Tipu Sultan used the cave as a hideout during wartime.

Weather Conditions: Winter 15°C to 30°C; Summer 20°C to 34°C

Killiyur Falls

Snuggled in the Shevaroyan Hills at the Eastern Ghats, there is one of the best places to visit near Yercaud – Killiyur Falls. The waterfall descends down the rocky slopes towards the Killiyur Valley, another popular tourist spot for you to explore. You can indulge in fun water activities like swimming and boating the valley.

Is Yercaud a good place to visit? You will never say no once you visit Killiyur Falls, especially during monsoons. It is the time when the waterfalls look purely majestic with water gushing down to the valley. To satiate your adventure hunger, go on a trek from the Yercaud Lake to Killiyur Falls. The landscape of the evergreen forests on your side will make the journey more interesting. You can also take the route through arboraceous forests by the lake towards the bottom of the hills. An incredible trekking experience indeed!

Weather Conditions: Winter 15°C to 30°C; Summer 20°C to 34°C

Pagoda Point

At times called the Gent’s Sea, Pagoda Point is situated on the Eastern side of Yercaud Hills adding to the natural beauty and hilly charm of Yercaud. It offers visitors panoramic views of the encompassing landscape and cliffs.

Plan an overnight stay at Pagoda Point to view the spectacular sunrise and sunset. You will get the most enchanting view of the city of Salem, the cliffs and the closely located Kakambadi village. What made it named Pagoda Point are the four stone mounds framed together in the form of a pyramid resembling temple towers. It is believed that the formation is an artwork by the locals.

There is a Rama Temple built between the stones dedicated to the iconic stones by Malayalis. To get the adrenaline rush up there, go on a trek to the towering cliffs.

Weather Conditions: Winter 15°C to 30°C; Summer 20°C to 34°C

Shevaroy Temple

Shevaroy is a cave temple with narrow and dark caves forming the abode. The temple is adorned with the idols of Lord Shevaroyan and Goddess Kaveri. Lord Shevaroyan is the deity tribal of the region worship. As per belief, Lord Shevaroyan is the God of Shevaroyan Hills and Goddess Kaveri is the Goddess of Cauvery River flowing in Southern India. Tribal also believe that Lord Shevaroyan and Goddess Kaveri are the guardian deity of the several villages settled around Yercaud.

Dating back to 200 years from now, the cave beyond the temple is believed to extend up to River Cauvery in Karnataka. A fascinating story, isn’t it? Well, you need to explore the place to find out! Another historical belie says that Tipu Sultan hid in this cave while the war was on. This is not all, there is a wishing well close to the temple – pick up three stones from the shrine and throw one of them into the wall with your back to the well. You will know if the belief of a successful life comes out to be true.   

There is an annual festival organized in May with great excitement and galore. The temple serves as a great viewpoint for the travelers reaching there after a trek. The mesmerizing scenic beauty of the surrounding hills and the town of Yercaud will wash away the tiredness.

Weather Conditions: Winter 15°C to 30°C; Summer 20°C to 34°C

Are you an adventure blogger? If so, you can write about your incredible experience in a Yercaud trekking blog. Be a leader for your fellow travelers!

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