ultrasonic sonochemistry machine

ultrasonic sonochemistry machine

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Vacuum ultrasonic sound chemical machine's main features include cleaning ability is strong, fast drying, solvent regeneration use, high safety and low solvent consumption characteristics. Each type of ultrasonic sound chemical machine has its own unique ultrasonic sonochemistry machine characteristics. For vacuum ultrasonic sound chemical machine, vacuum cleaning dryer also use a lot of advanced technology, make the cleaning fluid is always kept clean. Oil is at the bottom of the distillation unit, the workpiece blind hole and the air is pumped out the fine seam, in the final step in cleaning, fast drying tank into the vacuum state, at the same time, dissolved in oil cleaning trough cleaning fluid continuously pumped in distillation unit, heating and drying and distilling regeneration temperature must be above the flash point. Have a look at the below introduction in detail.

A, cleaning ability

To improve the cleaning effect, the biggest obstacle to hydrocarbon solvents used for industrial cleaning is low boiling point, flash point, is to use steam gas phase was carried out on the workpiece cleaning solution, the solvent can not burn. In installed at the bottom of the ultrasonic cleaning trough, dissolve in oil pollution in cleaning solution will not remain in the workpiece surface.

Second, the drying speed is fast

Within the drying tank with high temperature steam ultrasonic cutting machine to heat the workpiece to clean more thoroughly. Vacuum degassing of solution, also make every part of the solution completely immersed in the workpiece, high efficiency of ultrasonic. Mechanical oscillation and transmission mechanism parts swinging up and down in the cleaning tank, dirt quickly out of the workpiece.

Third, using solvent regeneration

Vacuum cleaning drying machine adopts many sections of vacuum ultrasonic dispersion machine distillation regeneration device.

Fourth, high safety

Vacuum cleaning drying machine through the use of explosion-proof motor, explosion-proof switch, indirect heating, heat conduction oil concentration of combustible gas alarm, automatic machine door closed, the power cut off, automatic fire extinguishing device to ensure that the use of safe, etc.

Fifth, low solvent consumption

In vacuum and drying by condensing recovery unit in the process of recycling solvent gas, reduce the boiling point of the solvent in below 80 ℃, heating evaporation in vacuum, under vacuum oxygen thin at the same time, make its have the advantage of other cleaning methods do not match.

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