Travelling To Low-Key European Destination In December

Travelling To Low-Key European Destination In December

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When I heard about Serbia, the first thing that comes to my mind is, where in the world Serbia is? Only to find out that Serbia is a part of a former Yugoslavia which consists of the republics of Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia, Slovenia and Montenegro. Serbia only had it’s full independency last 2006. I guess I’m not that good in history.

Serbia was involved in several wars in the past which is why it was well-known for it’s different historical fortresses. Belgrade is the capital and the largest city in Serbia. One of the famous tourists spots in the heart of Belgrade is the Kalemegdan Park where you can see the Belgrade Fortress, old Orthodox Church, monument of a man which called Victor to commemorate Serbia’s victory during Balkan wars and the 1st World War. You can see there the different weapons that were used during those wars. I can say that I was fortunate to not witness the strike tho. People were having a political conflict that time. (Mild War) 😅 Another best thing to see there is the junction of Sava and Danube River which was the 2nd largest river in Europe.

Too bad that night time was longer than day time during winter. I wasn’t able to capture the Kalemegdan Park in day light.

Another popular fortress in the country is the Petrovaradin Fortress, located in Novi Sad, the 2nd largest city in Serbia. Within those citadel walls, you can see museum and different cozy restaurants around that offers the best cuisine in town. We dined in Osam Tamburaša that was named by the 8 men who played tambourines there before if I’m not mistaken. I used to order Pljeskavica because that was my fave serbian dish, it is a combi of grilled pork, beef and lamb served with potatoes or cheese but I used to replace it with rice as a side dish lol! I also like Goulash which I think was originally a Hungarian dish. Aside from it’s mouthwatering dishes, you can also enjoy the view of danube river from the area and Novi Sad’s wonderful lights at night. And oh, the accomodating server who recounted the history of that place and lots of things lol thumbs up to him! He also mentioned about visiting the Philippines in his younger years.

View from Osam Tamburasa with the server..

You wouldn’t want to miss the ski experience when you travel to this country in winter for they also have nice ski resorts out there. The nearest one from Belgrade is the Ski Resort Tornik which was located in Zlatibor. Zlatibor is the town that has the famous tourist resorts in Serbia. People with different nationalities used to travel there regardless of the season coz it offers a fantastic view of the mountains, lakes and river anytime of the year. There are also lots of hotels and villas where you can stay and the one that caught my attention is the Villa Natural Wood, only 2km. away from the city centre. It was made by wooden cottage that can make you feel extra warm despite the cool weather. You can enjoy the rest of your stay by their amenities that I’m sure you would give it a good review. We climbed up at the top of the hill to have lunch in ÄŒumićevo Sokače which was the nearest resto from Villa Natural Wood. It has a breathtaking view from that area and they offer some special dishes originally from Zlatibor. Another diner that we’ve been was in Koliba Kod Milunke, the interior can make you witness the classic european cottages from the movies. That’s where I’ve tasted the delicious Kajmak cheese. 😋

One of the underrated cities in Serbia is Zrenjanin, it is a part of Vojvodina in the northern region. Zrenjanin is composed of several villages and neighbourhoods and what I like most in Zrenjanin is it’s peaceful community. I love the christmas lights in the central square at night. This is where you should begin the sightseeing in Zrenjanin because you can see the City Hall, City Library, Catholic Cathedral, National Theatre and Old Stock Exchange in one place. At the center, you can see the statue of the 1st King of Yugoslavia, King Peter 1 riding his horse. You can enjoy strolling around that place taking pics and dropping by in different shops, restos and cafes. Serbs used to visit their friends and neighbors for a talk with some shots of Rakija. I bet no one would miss it when travelling to Serbia. 😅 They are very hospitable when it comes to their visitors. They would never leave you hanging and they love to tell the history of their country, just don’t argue with them for they are very sensitive about wars and politics. 😅 Another thing that I love is, they had given me an opportunity to cook for them and so I cooked my favorite seafood although I knew that it would be horrible for them, atleast they’ve tried. 😊 Seafoods is uncommon in their country, they are very particular and they love heavy meat. I miss the breads and pastries on the streets of Serbia. They serve a top quality bread you would never forget.

Travelling to Serbia for Philippine Passport Holders requires a visa but If you have Multiple-Entry Schengen Visa, you can enter the territory as well as the 26 European countries. Another country that I’ve visited was the southern part of Hungary which is Mórahalom, it was only a 2-hour drive from Zrenjanin. Hungary is famous with their thermal spas. Hungarians as well as people from neighboring countries used to visit their spas. One of the best Hungarian baths is the St. Erzsébet Spa of Mórahalom. You can enjoy different baths including medicinal waters and bath treatments. There are lots of options you can choose according to the water temperature. There’s indoor pool mostly for kids and who says it’s unexciting to bathe outside in a negative temperature? That’s what I love most from there. At first I thought it would be really freezing but mind you, it’s one of the best things you should try 😊 And don’t forget to try Langos, a Hungarian Fried Bread that made of mashed potatoes and flour with cheese. I’m hoping that I could get a chance to go back and explore more of Hungary and Serbia.

If you have some questions about getting a Serbian and Schengen Visa, I would love to discuss it with you guys. Follow me on instagram @khimtravels to see more photos and vids

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