Georgia🇬🇪 Visa On Arrival

Georgia🇬🇪 Visa On Arrival

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If you are a residence of UAE and planning to have a vacation, Georgia is the best choice.

On February of the same year 2019, I decided to have a vacation leave after 17th months of working in Dubai. It was the perfect time for me because it's winter season in a lot of countries. I really planned to have it somewhere cold and snowy because I've been dreaming of wearing winter outfits, coats, boots, etc that I'm seeing only in screens.

It was on January that I decided to push Georgia and right away that time I booked a ticket via skyscanner. They have all the flight fares in various airlines from cheapest to higher cost. I booked a return tickets a month ahead for two person and it only costs me more or less 2,000aed with all the tax and charges using credit card. Our airline was AZAL with layovers. Thats what we get for choosing the cheapest flight but we really want it because we want to stay in Baku. Thats the first stop.

Baku wasn't what we expected, it was an amazing airport they provide sleeping cubicles they named it Very cozy and convenient you wouldn't bother waiting long time. They have wifi, free water, Actually they have everything except food of course you have to buy. It was an area of cocoons and they have cafes, library, spa, etc.

From Dubai to Baku it's a 2hrs flight. In our case we had a layover of 4hrs in baku and so we took time exploring the airport taking pictures. 4hrs was just enough for us, we weren't bored at all.

At 10pm we had our next flight and it's with Buta Airlines, sister company of azal. Its a bit smaller plane headin' to our destination, Georgia.

We arrived at Tbilisi Airport before midnight. It took an hour and a few minutes flight from baku to tbilisi. We went straight to immigration and since it was my first time to go out of the country for vacation I'm kinda feeling nervous because there were some cases I've read that they were denied even if they are UAE residence. 

A lady officer looked at me. I was trying to be looking good and cute and cool and all haha. I have with me all the documents; the printed hotel bookings, travel insurance and airline iteneraries. She only gets my passport and ticket then stamped my passport. Here I go! Hello Georgia!🇬🇪

Any UAE residence has the privileged for VOA.

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