The DJI Phantom 2 Vision

The DJI Phantom 2 Vision

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If you are looking to get into aerial photography using multirotors there are a number of options available. You can build your own or purchase a commercially manufactured quadcopter. Building your own can be very exciting and educational, but it may be easier to get going by purchasing a commercially manufactured drone. Some of the more popular models are the Blade 350 QX, the Hubsan X4, and the DJI Phantom series. dji mavic mini price in pakistan

In this article we are going to focus on the DJI Phantom and the DJI Phantom Vision. Both are great all inclusive ready to fly (RTF) packages that boast impressive technical specifications, but they have marked differences as well. The DJI Phantom Vision is the newest addition to the DJI family and provides an FPV experience straight out of the box (provided you have a suitable tablet or smart phone). This is the biggest improvement over the previous generation Phantom. It also comes with a pitch stabilizing HD camera standard. This may or may not be an advantage depending on who you ask. I myself would prefer to be able to determine what camera I install on my quadcopter. This would enable you to tailor the camera to specific needs. The camera does have some pretty great features however. You can program time interval shots, you can shoot in RAW format, which is something not even GoPros offer. Another great feature of the Vision is the GPS safety feature. If you lose control of it and lose it, the quadcopter will transmit the last known GPS coordinates so that you can still track it down.

Some of the drawbacks of going with a commercial product instead of building it yourself is that you have to deal with the proprietary nature of the product. For example, with the DJI Vision, you are limited to the batteries that it takes. And though the large 5200 mAh batteries provide long endurance flights of up to 25 minutes, they are quite expensive. Also the props are more expensive than if you bought standard props.

But overall, for someone who is looking to get a full package helping them get into the hobby, the DJI Phantom and DJI Phantom Vision are great quadcopters to go with. Remember to always fly responsibly and be conscious of the safety of those around you. Never fly over people or in populated areas and practice in open fields. Make sure all batteries are charged before beginning to fly, the last thing you want is to lose signal and have a fly away.


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cbdforsale travel blog images

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