Review of my first Disney Cruise

Review of my first Disney Cruise

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                                        My first Disney cruise review and story of sort... 

       Soon it will be my first Disney Cruise a short five day trip down the Mexico Baja California coast towards Cabos San Lucas. I am just recalling my experiences never been on a cruise ship yet first time for everything getting out of my comfort zone in a sense of traveling this way. We embarked upon the Disney Wonder cruise ship at 4:00pm soon experiencing the booking first. Hopefully, security will a breeze alas being an everyday carry type of person, no sharp weapons of any sort.  Remembering that rule hestiates myself as a minimalist person whom carries a standard folding knife with me everyday made me think? So here's my cruise ship #everydaycarry gear:

Standard of course, keys
Rite Aid nail cutter
Gerber GDC hook
Alert Caffeine Gum (during Port of call excursions) 
Ozark Trail paracord bracelet
Canon Powershot SX740 HS with paracord strap non branded
Carry On Anthem wallet by Thread Wallet

       Day 1 – An early 7:30am arriving at our friends' home to travel with them to San Diego to avoid certain things such as traffic. They are embarking 12:30pm and ourselves being 4:00pm gave me some time to see more of the dock area and picture taking here and there of the beautiful Disney Wonder. A simple question, and we were allowed to embark much earlier. Security was a breeze due to minimalist packing with my Tom Bihns only, a Synapse 25L to my Medium Cafe bag carries my basics. Everyone seriously packs like they’re being away for three weeks or longer every single time I travel with a 50lb luggage and a carry-on. Boarding seeing our Inside stateroom which fits two people maximum three comfortably. It had folding couch bed which is firmer than my futon bed at home and a queen size bed. First of all is a brief assembly mission in case of emergencies lead myself and my family and friends to unlimited amounts of drinks and food including ice cream making me really enjoy the treatment so far. Enjoying Cabana’s , another restaurant buffet style had breakfast to lunch to dinner options. I did mention the unlimited ice cream? Seeing the Setting off party, we were off and I kept exploring the ship. Tiana’s Place my favored so far, delicious Grilled Strip Sirloin prepared to your liking works and the dessert was nice I enjoyed the taste.

       Awhile on-board I’ve that sense of the ship’s movement more in the aft or rear of the ship not much in the middle and forward staterooms, decks 2 to 7. Coming back, we had a towel arrangement of a crouching bird using two towels to two delicious Disney chocolates which I learned there was a class to make them yourself which intrigued me in case my parent, my mom wanted to learn something new. On-board, Buena Vista theater, watching The Nutcracker and the Four Realms and soon various movies awhile on the Disney cruise makes the evenings more relaxing.

      Day 2 - 8:30am well deserved sleep due to no light in an Inside stateroom might be a good thing or a curse but didn’t matter I was up and running same as my mom and her friends for more breakfast to lunch buffet courses to towards sightseeing, ship activities, and entertainment. Watching Captain Marvel aboard the cruise ship inside the Walt Disney Theater, as it was a Disney cruise “hint, hint.” Being a guest not having time to venture to the local theaters much lately due to my busy errands and life in Orange County helps oneself just to relax and enjoy it it’s course.  My vacation aboard as well became momentarily offgrid which I also didn't mind using the decks of the ship to explore more and take more Canon Powershot SX740 HS pictures.  More dining experiences commences from Tiana’s Place to Triton’s, same deck being number 4.  Triton’s, a French based themed restaurant had numerous choices and I tried my choices. My appetizer being first French escargot remembering my comment in some other some everyday carry video blogs and personal blogs I’ve used being mostly being a used term a lot ”Comfort zone” first time eating them. I really enjoyed them being delicious cooked herb-infused sea snails in garlic butter towards a main dish, Grilled Crisp Duck breasts, and Tahitian souffle for dessert. I did mention trying out numerous choices if you have to strength to do so? Yes, you can order two appetizers, two main courses, and two desserts that comes with your Disney cruise. No, I did not attempt that next time I will, if any. A few minutes came a show towards more relaxation in our Inside stateroom then soon our first excursion, Cabo San Lucas.

      Day 3 - 8:30am morning towards breakfast then lunch soon now to seeing a different city being Cabos San Lucas, Mexico. Seeing the warmness and a lot of downtown Cabos San Lucas, and the touristy areas of it. Cabos San Lucas had numerous glass bottom boat to other types of tours, souvenier shops, great authentic fish tacos of course to food, and a lot of bargaining and haggling to be done. Schedule with my first Disney Cruise, we had a Harbor Cruise then a Scenic tour. Upon a boat called the Cabo-Rey, inviting seals towards seal lions diving back in waving their fin towards us were visible and a lot of pelicans and sometimes, a whale. The scenic tour shown us now beautiful locations of the Cabos San Lucas bay and the restaurant “Mona Lisa” offered us good courtesy drinks of choice from soft drinks to juices to cervezas (beers).  Upon arrival, a special new towel arrangement animal shown up in our room, a lion’s head with delicious gold coin chocolates for eyes.  The stateroom host is wonderful in designing making towel animals every evening which I enjoyed a lot and the effort to make my folding couch bed which I used mostly and my mom uses the main larger bed.   Taking more pictures with my parent being my mom posing here and there as usual being the standard everyday person of a picture of her for me made me relax more liking no internet at all for checking emails, social media posts, and distracting Facebook messages and videos.  Returning were some Pirates of the Caribbean bandannas for the upcoming Disney pirate themed dinner and party throughout the evening.  Triton’s again for the dinner themed with good food and drink made me again smile being a good thing or a curse of too much deliciousness in food.  Dancing towards a pirate themed show with of course, Disney characters includes a famous mouse that dangled from the sky across the ship and then beautiful array of fireworks commences at the starboard side of the ship. More dancing and celebrations to seeing new faces and more activities including earlier, a magic show by Kyle and Misty Knight whom both appeared in Las Vegas numerous times to Fool Us on the CW. Did I mentioned the unlimited pirate food buffet afterwards. Yes, more food again before departing into the evening now. Tomorrow is all day at sea means more entertainment on-board and again unlimited breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well.

      Day 4 - 8:30am , more breakfast being plentiful as well lunch. Lunch, two different type of desserts, one was an Orange chocolate tart, and NSA mini Profiones, two different types of salads, and a delicious well done sirloin steak. After numerous days of consistent eating, I decided to go light. Being on ship, I walked around more deck 4 - Jogging/Walking area amazed exploring the rest of the ship.  Seeing the aft engine area where the rope and engine area now sort of connect and purpose of rear anchors, I taken more pictures of the area amazed of the size of this ship. Having the Atrium momentarily to myself for some shadowed selfies:

     I taken some nice shots Deck 4 again of selfie shots among the waves and sunset loving every moment of it. Seeing more of the ship as tomorrow is the Port of Ensenada. Watching some musicals aboard to the thing aboard same similar thing in the park being pin trading enjoying gathering brand new ones in my collection, and I’m gathering two or three more. A musical sorry had to watch it twice had that familiar song that every child uses to annoy their parents during trips to school and road trips, “Let It Go” being of course Frozen - The Musical, don’t ask my parent and her friends wanted to watch it. Animator’s Palette, I had again good food as well being Ginger teriyaki fused Beef Tenderloin and Black Truffle pasta and a special free drink sort of dessert.

      Day 5 - 8:30am - Port of Ensenada being our last day soon made me smile soon home but always will miss this short little trip. Seeing Ensenada for some picture taking around the port and then back on on-board, towards more delicious food and entertainment. Numerous bars and vendors around the port area selling goods of all sorts includes jewelry and trinkets. Bargaining and haggling is key around Ensenada and Tijuana which I’ve learned from others. I taken more street photography pictures of Ensenada life and more enjoying just viewing it. I wanted to do more deciding that’s on a solo trip if I ever decided to take one. Back on-board towards some unlimited ice cream twice to more picture taking around the ship to walking the Jogging Walking deck 4 again. Later on, it was our last dinner with a show at Tiana’s place and more deliciousness commences of good food. After dinner, we chosen The Disney Dream show and then possibly meeting the cast for some final pictures as a "Hope to see you soon" farewell party which I also liked a lot not taking much pictures but just meeting them works for their awesome entertainment and hard work during the cruise.  Last day, we simply reached home back in San Diego and I waited for our ride towards back to Orange County where I live which is Fullerton, California.

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