Traveling is fashionable? Trend-branded nonsense

Traveling is fashionable? Trend-branded nonsense

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Thoughts on the topic of “brand trends” did not leave me alone for a few days, so I had to quickly throw it all out on the blog. I'm not going to talk about the latest trends in the world of high fashion and the combination of yellow tights with purple bots. I myself do not understand this. Rather, it will be a question of a fashion for “things”, which, conditionally, cannot be touched. These “things” can be shaped by society, media, and even geography. Also Read:-
Without a doubt, Isla Mujeres is one of the most precious treasures in Mexico , whose beauty will always surpass words.

In general, I want to test one theory and ask the main question at the end of the article. I will be glad for your answers.

Do you remember the mink hat fashion? If my memory doesn’t change me, then the “rapid” trend happened somewhere in 1992-1996. It would seem that the mink hat is clothing and it can be safely attributed to some fashion trends. But no. Mink cap was a certain attribute of wealth! Do you understand where I'm going?

I also remember the times when it was fashionable to breed collie dogs. Then the fashion for collie passed and came to the dogs. At that time I lived in the Krasnodar Territory and I can not for sure assert whether the fashion for collie was ubiquitous or only Krasnodar went crazy with long-haired beauties.

1. Travel

Whether I talk in such circles, or travel fashion has captured the planet. Everyone talks about it, shares his impressions, plans a vacation, etc. etc. To the same point, I will take the desire to go somewhere for a long time, and best of all - to winter in warm countries. Schoolchildren, and those already measured travel. If you were not even in Turkey, then fi-fi.

Strange to hear from a travel blogger? I guess it's yes. ðŸ™‚ By the way, I want to note that I do not observe such a degree of love for traveling in my Homeland, in the Krasnodar Territory. No, people go on vacation, spend the weekend by the sea, but there is no madness.

2. Photos

Photographing turned into some kind of craze. Someone just bought a mirror, someone went ahead and studied on special courses, and some arrange photo shoots, work as photojournalists and even open their own studio.

3. Freelance

No one wants to work in an office. Well, or the vast majority do not want. Freelance is so cool, hard but cool! You can lie in a hammock on the shore of the Pacific Ocean and with one hand copyright or rewrite something there.

4. Healthy lifestyle

Recently, for a healthy lifestyle advocate all and sundry. Deputies come up with laws, sleepy neighbors try to run in the morning, colleagues discuss diets. To this point, I would add various areas of vegetarianism, raw foods, yoga, and various #pp. No, it's not a bad thing. Only slightly scares the pressure with which all this is promoted. Get ready to travel to Germany in the most amazing traditional german Lederhosen and Drindle dresses.

The main thing that at the legislative level is not banned lace panties.

5. Self-development

Courses, webinars, training, seminars ... Some poems turned out. What does not offer info businessman, in order to facilitate our path to the "better themselves." Supply creates demand, which means there is demand. From all this, I conclude that the people are satisfied with the most urgent human needs (according to the Maslow pyramid).

Also, there is a separate direction - finding happiness.

6. Handmade

Women "hand-made" are always sewn, embroidered, knitted. Why then did I take the handmaid to fashion? And all because it became fashionable to order unique cards, original cakes and bouquets of sweets. And how many studios, master classes and online stores appeared?

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