Top 5 visa-free countries ideal for traveling with a child

Top 5 visa-free countries ideal for traveling with a child

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Making a visa - it is always unnecessary difficulties with the collection of documents, a waste of a lot of time and money. As a rule, a visa costs 30-70 dollars or euros and it is good if it is issued on arrival. It is worse if you need to get a visa in advance in Russia, collecting and submitting to the country's consulate a stack of documents, already purchased airline tickets and hotel reservations, bank statements, photos ...

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And if you travel with 2-3 children, the complexity, time and money costs increase many times! Often, for a visa will require the presence of children.

Now let's imagine that the family does not live in Moscow or St. Petersburg, but where there are no visa centers and consulates of other countries ... In addition to the above, you will have to buy round-trip tickets for the whole family in order to apply for a visa, and then and to get a visa issued!. As a result, a family with 2-3 children can spend only a few days on visas, a lot of strength and up to 30-60 thousand rubles! And after all this, you can also get a visa refusal

We, the authors of the blog " Diary of a traveler " believe that sometimes it is better to spend time and money on children and go on holiday to the sea in some visa-free country from our rating!

And this time, the Momondo website will help us with the selection of airline tickets and hotels. Go?

1. Abkhazia

Many will be surprised, but not only a visa, but also a passport will not be required to visit Abkhazia by rent a car! You can just go to Abkhazia with a Russian passport. Meanwhile, Abkhazia is Sukhum, Gagra and Pitsunda, beautiful nature and warm sea. The beaches are mostly pebbly but very clean! And you can forget about the language barrier, speak Russian

How to get there? There are no direct air links with Abkhazia, but the airport Sochi (Adler) is very close, from where you can take a bus, train or taxi. Also, from Russia to Abkhazia can be reached by car, by bus or train.

Without a visa in Abkhazia can be up to 90 days.

2 Georgia

You can stay in Georgia without a visa for up to a year!

Georgia is a small but amazing country in which absolutely everything can be found - amazing culture, history and sights, excellent cuisine, magnificent nature, mountains, valleys, forests, rivers, lakes and of course the sea. The beaches are sandy and pebbly.

You can get to Georgia from Russia by plane, train, bus, car ... But note that entry into Georgia from Abkhazia or North Ossetia is prohibited.

3 Turkey

Turkey is consistently in the first place of attendance among Russians, including families with children. And there are many reasons for this, besides the absence of visas: a short flight, excellent service, a huge number of resorts, a variety of beaches (both pebbly and sandy), low prices, lots of attractions, entertainment, water parks, etc. Not least "All inclusive" in most hotels ...

Vacationing in Turkey is possible without a visa for up to 60 days.

And it is easier and cheaper to get there by plane, depending on the resort, it will take 3-3.5 hours.

4 Cyprus

Cyprus for Russians is a visa-free country with a few reservations. Northern Cyprus (its Turkish territory) is really absolutely visa-free for citizens of the Russian Federation. A visa for the rest of Cyprus is theoretically necessary, but it can be quickly, simply and free of charge issued online without traveling to a visa center or consulate. The so-called "pro-visa" is made online at the website of the Embassy of Cyprus - in 1-2 days you receive by e-mail and print it.

5 Montenegro

Montenegro is a very beautiful country with magnificent nature, forests, lakes, rivers and the cleanest sea with small pebble beaches. There are a lot of interesting sights, trendy designer bags and a well-developed infrastructure. Pleasant and decent European service at very reasonable prices.

Being in Montenegro without a visa, citizens of the Russian Federation can up to 90 days.

The flight from Moscow will take less than 3 hours.

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