I Crossed Path With An Aspiring Model In Mumbai Who Becomes My Girlfriend

I Crossed Path With An Aspiring Model In Mumbai Who Becomes My Girlfriend

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Mumbai – called the city of dreams, has always taken a special place in the hearts of models, actors, and share marketers inspired by Fashion or Woolf Of The Wall Street. I was triggered by one such inspiration, which took me to Mumbai—working with a leading fashion house. Many other people were like me, inspired by accidental scenes. It was going well before I learned that fashion houses in Mumbai had become a primary source for Mumbai Escorts. Most popular escort agencies in Mumbai are claiming model escorts from these houses. I have heard that the journey of becoming a model is exciting, and now I am actually a part of it.

I joined an agency as a male stripper whose job was nothing but to spend romantic time and gratify the unspoken desires of my clients. Initially, I got the opportunity to serve a few Housewife Escorts, but soon my clientele changed to the premium segment. I started getting calls from premium clients who come up with unique fantasies. Most clients used to come up with a role playing or story-based session which was amazing and happening.

Sometimes I become a cop, plumber or stripper the next day. I might even have to perform in front of their partners, and sometimes some couples demanded an extreme level of companionship beyond pleasure. In my six months of tenure with that escort agency, I learned that hardcore is what all married couples want but could not give to each other. That's when they connect with strippers like me! I was proud of my profile, and I am today! Putting a smile on sad faces is not easy and has always been a responsible task.

Drink, Dance and Debauchery—Synonyms For Fun in Mumbai

With hundreds of bars, nightclubs and stripper points, Mumbai has become a hotspot for pleasure seekers. Whether men or women, everyone who is unsatisfied has plenty of choices to gratify their hunger. There was a time when I was a part of one such club, delivering happiness to the doorstep. It was a popular escort agency, providing affordable and reliable Mumbai Escorts. They were programmed to spend quality hours and make their clients happy with their services.

I served over a thousand couples in my service period and learned something from each. One of the significant learnings was the discovery of g-spot!!! It has always been a complicated task to find that heaven without experience. Since I have slept with over a thousand girls to date, I have a better knowledge of how to find it in just one go! This was the reason clients used to book me by my name. They have a clear picture that if I am there, pleasure will automatically be there! This was no less than any achievement that people were, actually  knowing me by the name and just because I once made them scream out!

I cannot miss out on sharing another piece of exciting information regarding females' fantasy to scream loud in the bed. Just like men, females also love making us moan! It triggers their emotions, or you can say it inspires them to do more if a man screams or submits in the bed.

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Ayshathakur10 travel blog images

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