What you don't know about the effects of cell phone jammers

What you don't know about the effects of cell phone jammers

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     When we talk of navigation, GPS provides accurate and easy navigation like never before, GPS provides an accuracy that neither of others systems can provide. No matter where on earth you are using a GPS receiver you navigate easily and accurately.

  GPS jammers were originally developed by the military to mislead enemies about their geographic location and targeting. These devices are then suitable for consumers who want to ensure their privacy or prevent tracking.

  However, without the proper technical knowledge or in the wrong hands, GPS jammers can potentially disrupt communications by disrupting communications.

  These days most of our daily routine and critical sectors, like military and aviation industry are highly dependent on GPS navigation.It is shown that jamming can be detected at almost every stage of GPS receiver. The case of intermediate power jamming is emphasized the most, since a GPS receiver is still able to present navigation, which is based upon wrong pseudoranges.
By using orbiting satellites and radio signals, a receiver can determine the precise location of any GPS-enabled device or vehicle. Jamming occurs when a device emits radio signals at the same frequency as the GPS-enabled device. 

The devices typically plug into a cigarette lighter or USB/charging port and require a low amount of power. Although illegal in most places, GPS jammers can be purchased online and come in various types, such as Wi-Fi jammers, Bluetooth jammers, remote control jammers or drone jammers.

  Daptive antennas can increase the cost as well as the complexity of GPS receivers. Keeping in mind such large number of worldwide users utilizing this costly equipment, and each user must be equipped with this costly circuitry.

  An alternative is being presented, in a military pseudolites system a stronger signal is presented to all users present in the operation area. Although we know that each military pseudolite transmitting this strong signal is costlier, as compared to an adaptive antenna approach.

  But the fact is that a set of four such pseudolites can cover a much larger area with a large number of users, and the users need to have just a little modification in their receivers. So comparatively the overall cost will be minimum in comparison to adaptive antenna setup

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precisejammers travel blog images

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