Same Day Agra Tour from Delhi

Same Day Agra Tour from Delhi

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Same Day Agra Tour is the best tour for all visitors to visit the Taj City of India. This tour is the desire of many travelers who want to visit India’s one of the best city tour in your budget. This tour defines the unique culture of India and different types of tradition.

About Agra- It is the city which is situated in the river bank of the Yamuna in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Agra is famous for Taj Mahal, other than this it is also famous for Petha which is made by Pumpkin. Agra’s Petha is famous all over India. Agra is a city where the perfect romantic allure can be found. The land to the Taj Mahal, the Symbol of Love and one of the Seven Wonders of the World, makes the air of Agra full of love and romance. While the Legacy of Mughal Empire just didn’t give Taj Mahal to this romantic land but many other mesmerizing attractions worth exploring as well. The history, the architecture and the romantic aura together makes Agra the land that fascinates people from all over the world in a huge and massive amount. Besides the architecture, Agra City also offers the best shopping and food experience.

 Taj Mahal- It is the symbol of True love of Shah Jahan & Mumtaz, because Taj Mahal was made by the Shah Jahan after the death of his loving wife Mumtaz, therefore Taj Mahal also know known for Mumtaz Mahal. Taj Mahal, also spelled Tadj Mahall, mausoleum complex in Agra, western Uttar Pradesh state, northern India.

 Agra Fort- It was begun by Akbar between 1565 and 1573. It is situated on the west bank of the Jumna River, about 2km upstream from the Taj Mahal (map). Akbar built the fort of sandstone; his grandson Shah Jahan, the builder of the Taj Mahal. It is also the attraction of Agra city and made of red sandstone.

 Et-Mad-Ud-Daullah ( Baby Taj )- Baby Taj, the exquisite tomb of Mizra Ghiyas Beg should not be missed. This Persian nobleman was Mumtaz Mahal’s grandfather and Emperor Jehangir’s wazir (chief minister). His daughter, Nur Jahan, who married Jehangir, built the tomb between 1622 and 1628. It looks like as Taj Mahal and famous attraction of Same day Agra Tour which will see you the amazing history and ancient monuments.

 Fatehpur Sikri- It is near Agra and once was the capital of Mughal Emperor Akbar. The architecture of the city was designed by Tuhir Das and Dhruv Chawla. Akbar founded the city in 1569 after winning Chittor and Ranthambore. The construction of the city was completed in around 15 years and included, palaces, harems, courts, and other structures.

 Sikandra- Sikandra Fort is the place where the Tomb of the great Mughal Emperor stands. The Sikandra Fort is a beautifully engraved Tomb with intricate detailing. It is made of a special red-colored sandstone, which imparts a rich look to it. The Sikandra Fort is a vast edifice, significantly representing the Emperor's broad and enriched mind. This is also known as the Mausoleum of Akbar. It is situated in a small town near Agra, which is called Sikandra. Akbar's Tomb is one of the excellent examples of the blend of both Hindu and Muslim Architectures.

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classictoursindia travel blog images

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