Tips to Be a Better Postal Worker

Tips to Be a Better Postal Worker

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The US Postal Service, like so many other companies, is seeing its business decline. The Internet, increased competition, high operating costs, and regulations have helped the company to lose money. It also doesn't help when the company is a constant source of customer service gaffes and bad publicity. Tales of postal employees who harass customers, lose mail, steal mail, and mishandle mail are rampant. Just in the past year, as of the time of the publication of this article, a postal worker was arrested for delivering mail to a customer while in the nude. Another postal worker was caught on video as he defecated in a customer's yard.


As a postal worker, you must have a goal to provide quality service to your customers. As of the time of this article, a first-class stamp is 44 cents. Forty-four cents can be viewed as a bargain to customers because of the price that competitors may charge or cheap in the case of providing bad service for 44 cents. Perhaps a customer may be willing to pay more to a competitor or not pay at all by using the Internet instead of using the US Postal Service.


To help you deliver good service to your customers and to keep them from wanting to use a competitor such as United Parcel or FedEx, here are five tips from successful postal workers:


Greet your customers with a smile each and every time you see them. You are there on the route five or more days a week. Be a bright spot in your customer's day, even if you are delivering bills to them.
2. If you have a piece of mail that was returned because of insufficient postage, ring the customer's door and inform them. Offer to wait a few moments so that the customer can place adequate postage so that they will not further delay their mail.


3. Always carry change of address and vacation hold cards. Having these items readily available will put a smile of your customer's face and save them the time from going to the station.


4. When a new person moves on your route, knock on their door or ring their bell to introduce yourself. Inform them that you are the regular mail carrier and you are here to serve them and answer any questions.


5. When you find out that someone is going to move away from your route, inform them that they should fill out a change of address card or fill out the form online as soon as possible so that they may have continuous mail delivery. Also inform them to tell creditors, friends, and family members their new mailing so that they can update their records. The change of address service is only available for a definite time, about a year. After that, the mail will be returned to the sender.


As a postal worker, you must be more diligent about making your customer's experience with you more pleasant. Remember, despite the various commercials people may see on the television, read in the newspapers, and hear on the radio, their perception of the service as a whole rests with their interactions with their mail carrier or postal clerk.


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