Best Way to Learn Java Programming

Best Way to Learn Java Programming

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Many blog visitors, mostly beginners, ask me the same question every month about Java learning.

This post is dedicated to my young friends (or beginners) who are interested in Java technology. I would love to offer my guidance.

If this is not the way you want to learn Java, you can ignore it and go with what you prefer. You can also suggest other ways to learn Java quickly or faster.

Let's begin by listing the first thing. Prepare your Java development environment. This means that you have installed JDK/JRE as well as an IDE such as Eclipse.

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1. Learn the basics of language
This is the first step to a self-evident cause. You won't be able to know what the next step is or where you are going wrong.

In the beginning, I don't expect you to be able to master all basic Java concepts such as keywords, core concepts, and basic coding techniques.

2. Code small programs to get started
You can move on to the next step once you feel confident you have mastered the key concepts and keywords. You will need to write some basic java programs, such as hello world, simple addition, subtraction, etc.

Keep in mind that your first two programs will be the most difficult. Once you're done, the next set will be easier.

There are times when you might have difficulty typing your hello world program. Do not hesitate to open Google and search similar programs.

3. Learn Java APIs, and Create Few Complex Programs
Once you have completed the most basic programming tasks and are confident creating them, move on to the next step.

I recommend that you spend time learning Java APIs within java collections and Java IO. Start exploring the interfaces and classes involved in these APIs, and then start creating programs.

You should always look for an API that can perform a specific task. Also, you shouldn't be creating your logic there. You are trying to get familiar with these APIs. So, always search within these APIs for the solution.

4. One Desktop Application, One Web Application
This will give you confidence to face any Java interview and show your ability in Java-related discussions.

It's simple. The idea is simple. You need to choose at least one java desktop/GUI (e.g. desktop calculator) as well as one web (e.g. hospital management). Now that you have the basics of Java, you can start to explore everything you need to create your two applications.

Ask for help from experts (I'll also help you), experienced friends, colleagues, and anyone you know who can help.

When you are looking for answers and learning new concepts, make sure to read all the material available. Find books that are relevant to the topics you are struggling with. You must do everything necessary to create these applications. These applications should be your only goal for a few days, weeks, or even months.

5. Participate in Good Java Forums and Blogs
Once you have completed the above four steps, you will feel more confident and able to help others as you did a few months ago.

Help those who are less knowledgeable and find people to help you solve your problems. Even if this takes some time. Forums like stackoverflow are a good place to do this. Learning about the mistakes of others opens your mind up to new possibilities and enhances your ability to think.

The last step can be considered an endless loop and should be continued when time allows. When you are mature, you will be able to appreciate the results.

This concludes my thoughts on the best way to learn Java. Drop a comment if you agree with my views. Drop a comment if you don't agree with me. If your suggestion is really great, I'll include it in the main article.

In case you feel that you may need college coursework help, you can always get in touch with us. Please feel free to contact us anytime .

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