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It was the 11th of January when Me and my boyfriend leave Philippines. It is my first time going outside the country and I am so nervous the fact that I need to go through immigration. Our flight will be Cebu-HK-Thailand-Dubai-Arlanda. I know its a long flight. So when we were in the airport, done check-in, already paid tax and terminal fee thats when I go immigration, moment of truth. I was so nervous and makes me wanna pee in my pants. So they just asked me how many days I'll be staying in Swe, who Am I with blaah blaah and they asked for my bf's passport and the photocopy it. So thank God, my Cebu immigration experienced went so smooth.

Few hours later, we landed in Hk already and we get our luggage since our connecting flight starts in HK-Swed. When its time for us to Check-in, hour before our flight, we had a small problem. Coz the attendant in the airlines doesn't speak english so well so we don't understand each other properly and she speaks so slow. I gave her my invitation letter, ticket itenerarry and passport. But she asked for my seat number. So I told her I only have the booking number and explains everything but she keeps repeating "seat number pls" so my boyfriend starts to get pissed off already. 

After showing her everything I have she said we just need to buy a new ticket if we want to be in the plane. That's when I got so mad already and good thing her manager was in the other table he came over and I'm so thankful that he can speak english well. Same, he asked for my seat number and I told him that I only have booking number. Its 30mns left before the plane will leave and I got so mad already and explain over and over again, so he said "you have money for return ticket, so thats fine you may check-in now" and I was like wtf, you should have just ask us earlier. 

So after 12hrs of sitting from Dubai-Swed, finally I was able to experienced the freezing weather of Sweden. I was amazed and so happy in my first time winter experience. 

So now, I'm back in the Philippines for 3 months and in 1 month from now, I'm going back to Sweden alone and its for good. 

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youroneandonlymarshie travel blog images

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