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Day 1 being the 13 of May the start of my vacation here in Las Vegas, the city of gambling and of silver of how it gotten it's name is actually 5:15am in the Anaheim Artic before heading out here. First time experience for myself and mom on the megabus? It was nice, actually, the bus itself was clean, the onboard wifi worked  wondrous and downstairs outlets was fantastic to keep me entertained on the way there. Arriving into grimming 92 degree heat as well coming from cooler earlier 63 degrees back home reminded me again of my first experience in the Phillipines. Trust me, it's the heat that'll get to you first but it's nice seeing Las Vegas, Nevada once again for this free 4 days 3 nights stay here. Seeing the Westgate Las Vegas via using SDX RTC bus northbound arriving at 12:15pm prior at the South Terminal Bus Terminal (SSTT) in Las Vegas, I'm amazed seeing new hotels and some changing names. Seeing the front desk, we were helped immediately by the staff getting our room key and gotten directions to our room. Myself and my mom are helped twice before reaching our room made us smile receiving more help to getting our free discount coupon book. The room was clean and twin beds with a beautiful view of the area overlooking some of our the hotels in the distance.

      Beautiful views of the swimming pool and a ferris wheel at another hotel and casino. We haven't started gambling more tasting the tidbits of the food around here and let me say, it's delicious. Can't complain just yet but so far so good, our first day here at the Westgate Las Vegas is great and willing to come back for more.

       Day 2 being the 14th went great, as I explored the strip with the eyes of a
photographer than a tourist carrying my basics kept my main bags safe using
soon reviewing needing to do more Youtube videos of whats in my bag, a
Topo Designs @topodesigns mini quick pack (pictured behind my Tom
Bihn @tombihn
 Synapse 25L and Medium cafe bag).  I traveled minimalist
this time around for Las Vegas:

     This small 1 liter bag was durable and still is carried my basics, mainly my
Canon Powershot SX 740 HS and other items for vlogging to picture editing.
I was glad myself and my mom traveling with me gotten a 3 day TC bus pass
for $20.00. It helps moving around Las Vegas on the budget than taxis and
other online means. Still I love the facilities as well located in the Westgate Las
Vegas where we're staying for this free 4 day 3 nights stay I gotten from a
Intstagram contest from Slate Wallet if you didn't know are
wondrous minimalist wallets made with RFID protection metalic material, same
for my love for my Apache Pine adventurer's wallet. I have to give them a
shoutout as well for this wonderful Las Vegas experience I'm having right now.
Taking pictures with a Canon Powershot SX740 HS I taken with me minimalist
traveling during my first Disney Cruise on the "Wonder" for street photography
and bokeh pictures requires some moments of timing especially using a toy
of a Baby Groot as a sample.

      Still I'm having fun doing so and moving around the strip having more ideas as
I go along and seeing the sights as well. Lunch, came first at Fashion Show Mall here
in Las Vegas with numerous stores includes dream exotic cars which I managed to
pose in front of a Polaris Slingshot seeing even a parked Lamboghini not a Ferrari.
Ended the evening with some more photography around the hotel and a On the
Rocks bottled mixed "Old Fashion" 200ml drink if you need to experience it, give
them a follow at @otrcocktails, they're bomb. Anyways, tomorrow is Day 3 being
the 15 and myself and my fellowt traveler, my mom are off to Fremont Street.

      Day 3 being the 15th - "Fremont Street" Experience. Arriving at Fremont
Street Experience, I taken more pictures via with the eyes of a photographer still
as a tourist in a sense of myself finding those angles. Enjoying more sights and
sounds of Las Vegas thinking of ideas for a solo trip here for myself in the future.
Have $5 or more for posing with certain characters you met on the strip and plus it
helps them alot in donation, of course. That Slotzilla zipline adventure comes to mind
for next time and maybe a little more ventures outside Las Vegas with a car instead of
bus possibly. Experiencing Coney Island style hot dogs for lunch to some souveniers.
Heading back via the Deuce which makes more stops than the SDX RTC but the big
difference is one is a double decker style and other isn't. Back at the Westgate Las
Vegas being our last night, I tried my luck failing miserably but it was all in good fun
seeing around here again after numerous years made it special anyways. Early to
the room so we can leave for our bus at 10:15am towards home back to Orange
County, California being Fullerton.

Thank you very much for enjoying the read.

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ramonb3rd travel blog images

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