These Tips Will Help You To Deal With The Acute Mountain Sickness on Ladakh Trip

These Tips Will Help You To Deal With The Acute Mountain Sickness on Ladakh Trip

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Are you traveling to Leh Ladakh this season? If your answer is yes, get ready to experience AMS. How are we sure of it? Well, why don't you pause for a second and consider the fact that Ladakh is known as the land of high passes? So yes, AMS is a common thing. Whether you have Khardung La Pass or the scenic Pangong Tso Lake on your itinerary for the third day, we prefer a difference of day between two best places to visit in Ladakh.

One of the most effective ways to avoid Acute Mountain Sickness is by acclimatizing for the first few couples of days. We prefer you book a Leh Ladakh Tour Package in which you reach Leh, acclimatize while you are exploring the gems of the capital city of Ladakh like Shanti Stupa, Hall of Fame, Stok Palace, Magnetic Hills as they are nearby the capital city (means no high passes to cross).

Once, you take the first few days on a calm note, the adventure you get ready for is like no other thing. What is the best way to avoid AMS? Read below and find your answers:

1. It's Not A Race, Take It Slow

The real deal of AMS is crossing high altitudes without giving your body some ample time to adapt it. As our body has no cardio activity to do in the car, we are more likely to fall prey to AMS. Give your body some time to adapt the air, water, and the oxygen density. We all know a teaching every trekker is given" Climb high, sleep low." Not more than the 400m rise in the altitude is prefered after 3000m, but if the climb is steep, make sure you add a day to your itinerary and pitch your camp after 400m elevation only.

2. Drinking Fluid Is The Key

Ladakh is the cold desert of India, so it's air has to be dry and cold, which means moisture is lost as you breathe. You may not realize it, but you're dehydrated. We would recommend you to eat light, prefer carbohydrate-rich meals, avoid alcohol, and don't smoke. Always keep a water bottle with you and drink a sip or two after small, regular intervals. Don't hurry up to reach the next destination if someone in your squad is having a tough time, take unscheduled halts, and then move after the person is feeling better.

Pushing yourself won't get you anything, so take numerous breaks. As we mentioned earlier, it's not a race you have to complete; it is the journey you are there to enjoy. While planning your itinerary, make sure keep a day or two for emergencies and halts. Precaution is always better than cure, so acclimatize.

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3. Avoid Excessive Eating

Your desire to fix your craving for hunger would not be an extraordinary thought at a high elevation since it would set aside a long effort to process the nourishment. Along these lines, there comes no point of eating unreasonably. What you ought to do is to eat nourishments that would process in your stomach right away. Skip meals like pizza or different sorts of shoddy nourishment.

4. Avoid To Go For Fast Hiking Or Trekking

When you are doing trekking in Ladakh, it's totally untrustworthy to climb quickly at a taking off height in Ladakh. Build up the propensity for drinking an over the top measure of water to remain hydrated.

5. State A BIG NO To Alcohol

Drinking liquor at a high elevation will make you considerably more got dried out than you would as of now be in the dry condition. If you haven't had any height issues, it will probably hit you when you drink liquor. It is imperative to be hydrated when you are in a high elevation, particularly on the off chance that you battle with height ailment.

It's okay to enjoy some good times with your friends on Ladakh tour package, but where and how should be the greatest priority to you! Say no to alcohol when you are doing sightseeing of the places to visit in Ladakh.

Enjoy happy hours with your friends inside the hotels in Ladakh with savoring the local Ladakhi food. Drinking alcohol would lead you towards dehydration.

Advice - Keep yourself checked with your doctor. If you're dealing with any problem, the best you can do on your Ladakh tour package is move towards low altitude region, and stay in those hotels in Ladakh that offers oxygen tanks.

Have you ever experienced altitude mountain sickness in your vacations? If Yes, how did you recover from that? Consider these tips to fight with the ACM on your Leh Ladakh Bike Trip.


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