Different sex positions to try with a female Geelong Escort

Different sex positions to try with a female Geelong Escort

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The secret to best sexual enjoyment is how you are doing sex with your partner. Well, sex is not only about sticking to a single-sex position- it has a lot to experiment with. Well, every male partner doesn't want to enjoy the same sex's pleasure and so, they look for variety. But let me clear out one thing- you cannot feel the same satisfaction by enjoying the same sex position. You have to show some creativity and have to same your sex session an amazing one.

So, have you also gotten bored with enjoying the same-sex positions? If yes, then we got your back- must follow these sex tips for enjoying the real sex pleasures.

Doggy style

In this, you and Geelong escort don't have to stay face to face. Well, you are well-known how to do, how you have to get on all fours and your partner needs to kneel behind you and then have to show creativity with the sex. But, for making it more exciting and interesting, you can take the help of a mirror and then can look at the same for enjoying erotic sexual moments with your amazing female partner.

Cowgirl sex position

This is the best sex position especially for beginners- in this, you have to stay face to face with your gorgeous partner. You both should make good eye contact and then gradually, you can rub her nipple and must kiss her till she gets up to the climax. Ask your playmate to kneel on the top and then have to push her boobs over you and then you both can enjoy the sexual pleasures with each other with lots of fun and stimulation.

The chairman sex position

It is the best sex position if you are looking for stimulation pleasures. In this sex position, you can enjoy a deep level of stimulation and for making it more exciting, you can add a sex toy, and then you can play with it. You and your partner can enjoy a lot of fun with each other and thus, both of you can experience the best time with each other without any drama but make sure to have her consent.

Missionary sex position

It has a lot of variations; you can try anyone that you love- but you can make it exciting by making good eye contact with your partner. Along with that, you can introduce a pillow to it for experiencing the best, and don't forget to show some creativity with the magic mountain Special sex position with your beautiful female partner.

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enbaustralianbabes travel blog images

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