A Quick Guide to Coba Ruins

A Quick Guide to Coba Ruins

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If you are visiting Tulum, you should visit the Coba ruins. Over the years, the ruins of Coba ha gained huge popularity as one of Mayan’s lost civilizations. If you are into history and ancient civilization then visit Tulum ruins.

You can book Coba ruins tour to visit the place and learn all about it. It is an amazing place full of history, fact and nature. It is also adventurous. Tulum is very popular tourist destination and the ruins of Coba is one of the most popular spots. Before visiting it, you should do quick research.

Here is a quick guide on Coba ruins:

1.      According to archaeologists, the Mayan ruins of Coba was an important port city for the Mayan people. You can tell this by the name which means “waters stirred by the wind.”If you are interested in Mayan ruins, don’t forget to see the Tulum ruins too.

2.      Coba ruins include many pyramids and unlike others pyramids, you can actually climb some of them. pyramid Lxmoja is a part of the Nohoch Mul group of buildings and is also the largest of them. If you are up for it, you can actually climb this one.

3.      When you get to the top, you will see an amazing view. From the top, the whole forest looks like a green carpet. You will have a different feeling at the top for sure.

4.      The Coba ruins are open for the visitors from 8am to 5pm. Remember, traveling from Tulum can take 45 minutes. So, make sure that you start early if you intend to climb the Coba ruins.

5.      The Nohoch Mul pyramid, has120 steps and reaches 137 feet in height. The steps on this pyramid are steeper than it looks. But that doesn’t make things easier. But many like the challenge of climbing it.

How to Get There

You can visit Tulum ruins via road as it is not difficult to get there. You can hire are a rental car or take a taxi or bus. Coba is not that far from Tulum and it takes 45 minutes to get there.

But if you want something fast, efficient and comfortable, choose a tour service. Tours offered by travel company offers customized solution. The service can take care of all your requirements. From picking up to dropping off, you will have little to worry about. Plus, they will provide the transport facility too. All you have to do is find a service and tell them about your destination.

Perks of Hiring Coba Ruins Tours

Hiring a tour comes with a wide range of benefits. Choose a reliable tour service to get the best features. Here are the benefits you will enjoy with a professional service:

·         Well-planned and organized, which means, you don’t have to worry about planning.

·         You can choose from different packages, or get a customized plan depending on your requirements.

·         You can choose a group tour or private tour. Private tours are great if you want things customized to your needs. Group tours can save cost, but it is equally enjoyable.

·         Guided trips to Coba ruins will tell you everything important you need to know. Some of the anecdotes will definitelyenrich your experience.

·         It will save time and help you have a relaxed tour of the whole place.

The Bottom Line

Coba ruins are a great place to visit if you are into Mayan ruins. You will find a wide range of things to see and you can actually climb one of the pyramids. With a professional tour service, you can visit  Tulum ruins with ease and comfort.


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