A short blog of a retreat to find one's self to religion

A short blog of a retreat to find one's self to religion

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Blogging of my third camping retreat with my church group.  This time it takes place in
Paradise Valley Ranch in Hemet, California which to me was kinda off-grid in a sense of
lacking telephone signal. Not sure if this was a good thing or a bad thing.  During that
time, it gives you time to relax more less time in technology but some cases it doesn't
when most children during the camp had Nintendo Switches and other things.

Day 1 - Saturday afternoon, it's just the arrival and heading there from Fullerton to
the southern area known as Hemet into it's strangely changing humid heat of 104
degrees F to 118 then back down to 103 similar heat? Once upon arrival, luckily I
packed minimalist travel always via my Tom Bihn Synapse 25L and medium cafe bag.
Assigned a bunk in the Basement of this ranch place as separation from the boys to
the girls or men to the women.  Then meeting starts in the conference room in
accordance to assigning oneself into a team.  Being assigned to a team builds
confidence or character, or does it? I soon felt "seeking "discomfort" as I mentioning
the verse of our team being Red Redeemers.  Oh we were 4th place at the end
(spoiler).  Dinner commenced of chicken and various vegetables but no ice for drinks. 
Free time consists of socializing and more includes board games.  Did I mention
off-grid meant no wifi yes that was true.  

"Get off your devices do something outdoors, as least once in your life, then tell me
how you feel."

Attempting sleep amongst the snoring and new environment made me lack sleep
but using still a minimalist sleeping method, a Cocoon travel sheet and my pillow.  My
Cocoon travel sheet I must say helped me a lot in numerous trips to the Philippines
and now this religious getaway.  Having lack of sleep allowed me to midnight snacking
and consuming favored edibles and drinking special stuff I brought along. If not, power
naps are essentially worthwhile to of course, coffee or my choice, Vivarin Caffeine Gum.  

Day 2 Sunday morning, Sunday service in the main hall towards team activities to
build again more character commenced and breakfast was delicious and filling to help
us start the rest of our day.  Zumba was part always of our retreat camps to get now
everyone into a exercising mode which helps in preparation for what's to come such as
talent shows and other things. This includes preparation for our team play or skit
pertaining to the verses we had chosen for our team to redeem oneselve towards the
Lord, Jesus Christ (in a sense).  Lunch commenced as we all gathered enjoying
discussions and more ideas.  Team activities includes games also flag stealing which
was for the kids but strangely enough not necessarily.  Free time, as a group including
myself surveyed the area as we short hiked around the area catching some sunsets
before team activities.  Packing more light becoming mainly a snack to my Huawei
Media Pad 7 to my personal #everydaycarry camera of choice, a Canon Powershot
SX740 HS all in my Topo Design Mini quick pak: 

      Back inside towards it of practice, practice, practice as my team commences 
getting our so called "act" together.  Talent show started, as pertaining to narrating
a male side to Enid a fellow church member intiates the female narrator.  Strangely
enough no one else pointed to Dandy DePaula another member, confused me
enough but the show must go on.  The shows must go on and they all did and
the anticipation of hearing which team done the most effort or shown the best
overall soon was upon everyone and me.  Alas, the points were given and my team
and myself remained I believe for the Talent show at 3rd place.  Seeing the
points system, my brain was expecting due to the amount of points, Blue Believers
was taking the cake then with the drop of a pin, Yellow Sunshine takes it made my
comment "OK, I never expected that." Evening activities after dinner commenced
of doing board games, more discussions and talking but a certain group of us
including myself again went night photography as I joined to view certain thing
around here visible at night, the Milky way and the Little Dipper.  That included
an ocassional shooting star. 

                                 Photo courtesy of @peterespartero

Earlier that day, I braved and instead switched my sleeping location to ones
that snores less but I pulled out my own snore that awoken me slightly and
relieved that large amout of air stuck in your body that needs to be released.
More free time and commencing of another day of lack of sleep due to still new
environment for myself but managed to doze for a few hours luckily this time.  

Day 3 Labor Day morning, I awoken mysteriously first due to my phone's alarm
beeping me at 5:30am shocked it fell to the floor made me hestiate looking for it
and dismissing it but gaining enough sleep that time worked.  Easily packing my
things due to packing quite light always to preparing myself for early morning
activities includes a supposed 6:00am turned 7:00am hike, as I enjoyed again
getting more out with the group towards another hiking selfie.  My choice of
clothing oddly enough is polyester keeping cool in my KUHL bandit shirt
to during the time here as well my Prana Hardestry shirt both fro REI.  I have
to return to REI for my choices again of hiking my favored activity and street
photography to portrait photography next clothing.  Another short walk to the
entrance and back gave me desire to eat more breakfast.  Returning for some
breakfast and then meeting hall for the last part of our nice three day weekend
camp trip continues.  Did I mention our Red team was 4th (oh yeah I did) being
143 points.  The closeness to the other teams for first and second strangely
enough due to the anticipation learning Yellow team, Sunshine beats Blue
Believers by a fraction of five points.  I did not expect that making it a complete
funny thing which I will somewhat remember now.  Napping before that drive
as we all departed towards our respected destinations, being home.

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ramonb3rd travel blog images

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