Signal Jamming: A Brief History

Signal Jamming: A Brief History

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  The act of jamming signals was widely used during World War II and the Cold War. Besides using it to disrupt messages from reaching their intended countries, jamming of broadcast stations was also propagated back then. During the Cold War period, the broadcasters from the Soviet and the West even battled in a “power race” in which the mobile phone jammer worked to increase their transmission powers.
  The situation started changing at the end of the Cold War. As the Soviet Union fell from power, the Western forces gained more traction and control over innovation and technology in general. However, with no need for “signal battles,” signal jamming was also classified as an illegal act among many countries, with the exception being for government, military, and defense applications.
  Electrical Jamming
  A strategy wherein jammers send interfering and highly-concentrated signals to radar or receiver either through noise or repeater techniques. Noise jamming is divided into three types namely spot, sweep, and barrage.
  Blocking of Cellphone Usage in Schools or Prisons
  Signal Jamming devices are very popularly used in environments where mobile phone use is not allowed. A school is a place where they are commonly used since they help take out the distraction that smartphones pose on education. A cellphone blocker from The Signal Jammer is a good option, and can also be used for either personal (as long as it’s legal) and organizational purposes. Prison is another example where it is not uncommon for inmates to successfully smuggle a smartphone despite restrictions. Signal Jamming is used in this situation as a safety precaution since it works to block off all possibility of communications from inside the prison to the outside world.
  Privacy Purposes
  GPS jammers are types of signal jamming devices that work by blocking possible GPS monitoring on devices or vehicles. They can also be paired with a GPS Tracker Detector which can be used to spot bugs planted on a person or their vehicle.

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precisejammers travel blog images

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