How To Fix Computer (PC) Freezes Randomly on Windows [New Steps]

How To Fix Computer (PC) Freezes Randomly on Windows [New Steps]

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PC freezes randomly windows 10 is the common issue that Windows users have been experiencing since Windows 10 update. Maybe it freezes in the middle of work, or it’s freezing more than usual.  

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It’s generally hectic and frustrating when you can’t complete your tasks on time. This guide will help you fix the issue when the PC freezes randomly on Windows 10. Anyone using Windows 10 may see their computer freezes randomly and need to run a cleaner and check for windows drivers as well. Check the below solutions to fix this issue.

1- Restart Your Windows 10
If you are working on your Windows PC and it is stuck in between, and you can’t move anything or work, then restarting the system is the first thing you should do. 

Close currently running programs by pressing ALT and W keys.
Press the Windows key and select the power button.

Click Restart to start your windows 10 again.             
Only restarting the system won’t help fix your windows PC to freezing. It means you need a better and more permanent solution for PC freezes.

2- Try Running Malware Scan
Whenever a PC freezes randomly Windows 10, there could be a bug or external virus that causes such issues. Malware in the system includes non-functioning apps, sudden shutdowns, system lock, and freeze. That’s why we recommend running a malware scan.

Open the start search menu.
Enter Windows Update Settings in the search menu.  
Open the settings.
Select Windows security on the left side.
Click Virus & threat protection on the right side. 

You’ll reach the next window. Click on Quick Scan to scan the malware scan.   
3- Clear Temp Files
Cache stores temporary files in your and may cause the PC freeze issue. It stores these files for quick access and takes additional space as well. Clearing the cache folder help to prevent when the computer freezes randomly. Here’s how you can clear the temp files below steps;  

Press the Windows key + R key.
Enter %temp% and press OK.

Select files and remove all permanently.
4- Disable Fast Startup
Fast startup is the Windows system feature that reboots your system faster than normal speed. However, it is helpful but can freeze your windows 10 system. Hence we recommend disabling the feature for some time. 

Open the system setting via the start menu.
Open System and navigate to Power & sleep option.  

Hit on the “Additional power settings” option.
Go to Power Options and select the first option on the left side.

Turn off the fast startup option to enable it.

It can make your system work smoother, but if it’s still freezing, you should look for other fixes.

5- Update Windows Drivers 
PC freezes randomly Windows 10 issues may occur because of outdated or missing Windows drivers. When windows drivers are outdated or crashed, it causes many other issues like system hardware not working and system freeze. Here’s how you can update your system drivers quickly.

6- Clean your PC Junk 
When a Windows system has too much data, the hard disk gets full and causes problems like the computer freezing randomly, the PC working slowly, and many other problems. eSoftSafe PC Cleaner Pro will clean all the temporary data, junk files, and unused programs. Unnecessary files and all system junk to fix the PC freeze issue and make it work faster. Here’s how to clean all files and unnecessary data.

Download eSoftSafe PC Cleaner Pro.
Install and run the tool.
Click on the “Fix Issues Now” tab in the home Window.
Wait for your system to scan for junk data in your Windows 10 PC.
Then clean the system junk files.
7- Repair System Files                
With the above eSoftSafe tool, your windows should start working at normal speed, but you also should try the repair system files. It would make your system work better and repair corrupt files. For it, run the SFC scan to fix when the PC freezes randomly Windows 10. Here’s how to run the SFC scan –

Press the Windows key.
Enter cmd to open the CMD window.
Right-click on command prompt. A list of options appears; select Run as administrator.
Give the command prompt permission.

Enter SFC /scannow in the black command prompt window. 

Press Enter and wait for your system to scan the corrupted files.
Fix all other issues after the scan.
8- Reset Windows
If the above methods do not help when the computer freezes randomly, you should try resetting Windows. We recommend you reset the Windows system very lastly. If nothing helps your system from being freeze, only then try this method;

Press the Windows key.
A Window opens. Navigate to the “Update & Security” tab.
Select the Recovery option on the left side.
Under Reset this PC, click Get Started.

It may ask you to remove everything from your system. 
Wait for your Windows 10 to reset to factory settings..
We hope your PC doesn’t freeze randomly to Windows 10 and your PC works smoothly.  

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