Wellbeing Australia: Pro tips on how to unwind for both tourists and locals

Wellbeing Australia: Pro tips on how to unwind for both tourists and locals

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Whether you’re a tourist wanting to explore everything Australia has to offer or even a local who just needs to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and treat your mind and body to some incredible pampering sessions, there are truly endless opportunities for wellness escapes in Australia. This gorgeous country boasts an innovative and holistic wellness scene that is bound to help you embrace self-care and restore your soul. Here is a selection of the best health and wellness destinations to reconnect and unwind at:

Get a magical massage in Byron Bay

In the quiet reaches of the subtropical Byron Bay area, Gaia retreat & spa attracts international celebrities, while still remaining unpretentious and relaxed. You can do your morning yoga on the scenic Samira Lookout, take a clay modeling workshop, train at the gym, take organic food cooking classes with the resort’s award-winning chefs or simply bliss out at the day spa with its incredible array of pampering and massage treatments. If you’re looking for something a bit more special, you can try Royal Kahuna, a Hawaiian healing ritual involving breath work and a rhythmic deep tissue massage, or even go for a recently added Crystal Journey.

Relax on Sydney’s beautiful beaches

Sometimes all you need to do to de-stress and unwind is to spend a relaxing day on a beautiful sandy beach. A small, tucked-away beach surrounded by heritage-listed Strickland House, Milk Beach almost feels like a Sydney secret you’ve accidentally stumbled upon. You can enjoy the view of Shark Island and the city skyline while taking a dip in its crystal clear water, and wander around to nearby Neilsen Park for post-swim fish and chips. Whatever you decide to do, it’s wise to stay protected when you’re spending the whole day in the sun, so don’t forget to apply a generous amount of sunscreen and always keep your eyes shielded. Apart from serious permanent damage, harmful sun rays can also cause short term eye problems, such as photokeratitis and photo conjunctivitis, which should be treated immediately. In that case, it would be best to visit a professional Macquarie Centre optometrist that will treat the condition and help you take proper care of your eyes.

Detox on Kangaroo Island

For a more personalized approach to wellness, opt for a stay in a Kangaroo Island health retreat. Offering interesting dynamic detox programs, this retreat is focused on combating a wide range of health issues, from stress and depression to high blood pressure and hormonal imbalances. Days usually start with a series of cleansing rituals, followed by yoga, body brushing and sweating in the infrared sauna. A lot of physical activity is also involved, mostly trekking up to 20 kilometers a day on the beautiful coastal trails and beaches of Kangaroo Island. Meals are minimal but nourishing, and no luxuries or glamorous distractions can be found here. The goal is weight loss and finding a deeper sense of well-being. This retreat is designed to thoroughly detox both your body and mind, teaching you about mindful eating, sensible exercise and steady thought patterns.

Meditate on the Gold Coast

Even though the Gold Coast can often get busy, at the Gwinganna lifestyle retreat you’ll feel kilometers away from all the hustle and bustle. With no Wi-Fi available, this retreat is suited for a total detox, both physical and digital. You can choose between villas, meditation suites, orchard suites or heritage cottages to cater to your personal preferences, although all rooms simply ooze meditative restoration and pure luxury. Thanks to its unique wellness program, this retreat has been listed as one of the most innovative wellness destinations in Australia, where highly experienced wellness professionals will nourish your whole body with a wide array of special treatments, from wellness consultations to balanced movement programs and stress management sessions. After a rejuvenating private session, you can ease into the day at one of the numerous relaxation areas and lounges, or even take a wellness seminar to guide you through your chosen wellness program.

Whether you’re an Aussie or just a tourist looking for a quiet place to relax, there’s no denying these incredible wellness-oriented destinations will help you refresh, replenish and re-charge.

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