3 Point Snorkelling Tour

3 Point Snorkelling Tour

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Traveling with Secret Paradise is always a treat. I am one of the lucky ones having worked in the Maldives and visiting often for work and pleasure. But for people who don’t know the Maldives well it can be a daunting experience to try and figure out where to go and what to do.

We use Secret Paradise a lot for our own trips and tours because to us it makes sense. We get collected, our trip is planned from beginning to end and we have amazing tour guides who make every moment five star.

For a local island company not a five star Maldives resort, it is amazing how they still make you feel like a VIP wherever you are. The Secret Paradise team is fun, energetic and love their work with so much knowledge for someone like me who always had a million questions. I love this!

I snorkel on a regular basis when I am in the Maldives. I mean what else are you going to do when in the Indian Ocean?! So after a meeting got cancelled we decided not to waste a day doing nothing in Male, so we booked the 3 point snorkelling tour with Ruth from Secret Paradise. 

Mash was our fabulous tour guide who met us from our guest house in Hulhumale and took us to the jetty to get on our own private speed boat to start the tour. Mash explained what was involved in the tour and asked us if we had any questions. As we stopped at the first snorkelling site called Kurumba Reef which was near Kurumba resort Mash gave us a full briefing on what we can and can’t do. For example - no stepping on coral, no touching or feeding marine life and if there is plastic in the water let him know and he will remove it! Which you can see he did – our hero!

When we jumped in, the marine life was beautiful like I always see. Plenty of variety and lots of black tip sharks. No turtles this time but when I visited this site the last time I did see one. Sea turtles are my favourite and I do get disappointed if I don’t see them when I am snorkelling but I always have to remind myself we are not visiting an aquarium, this is their home I am a visitor and if they are there it’s a bonus for me! However to curb my turtle disappointment we did see an eagle ray which was such a treat. 

The second site was Kandu Giri which is near an island where a new resort is being built. Mash explained that we would see a difference in this location to the first and we did notice that because of construction and changes some of the coral reef had been disturbed which meant some of the marine life moved to deeper waters. However, I still got to see a variety of fish, interestingly enough not as many colours as the last, however I finally understood that what I thought was a moray eel hiding was actually a sea cucumber!!! See, you do learn something new every day!

The final stop was one I was really looking forward to, I have snorkelled with turtles and mantas but never sting ray. Our final point was called Feydhoo Wall or sting ray city. We were briefed by Mash that we were not going to move much at this point but just hanging around the corner of the wall….. now I love flying off around the reefs snorkelling so I wondered what I really was going to experience by just floating?! Lets just say, the only reason I held back the tears of joy was because I would have fogged up my mask. Wow wow wow all my years visiting the Maldives and I have found my favourite place to date. Sting Ray City is literally that – a beautiful hub of brightly colored fish, eels, and of course an abundance of graceful creatures flying past, under, and around us as we just floated in awe. I have never seen so many colourful fish, so close to me and one place. This point is not to be missed. I always thought eels were ugly things and yes, one huge moray eel swam past us, but then I saw bright yellow eels with black spots and they were beautiful. 

The tour didn’t end there. As we travelled back to Hulhumale eating fresh watermelon, Mash spent time showing us what we had seen, what their names where and answered any questions we had. Apparently no question is a silly questions but I’m sure one of mine were! I am always an inquisitive person and I love to know a lot about places I visit and things I see – Mash connected with my inquisitiveness and was effortless in stopping me at certain points on the three points to tell me what I am seeing and why. 

I teach wellbeing and consult in spas around the world. One of the things we help businesses to develop are their wellbeing programs. To be snorkelling in locations like the Maldives is my wellbeing. The minute I am in the water, my breathing calms, my body has to relax and my mind just empties of all the stress and tension as I am distracted with the beauty of the Indian Ocean.

What’s your wellbeing?

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gotothemaldives travel blog images

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