Things to Do in Andaman Nicobar

Things to Do in Andaman Nicobar

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A Hell of a lot of things to do in Andaman


The most common picture that comes to mind when one thinks of Andaman is the soothing and aesthetic beaches circumvented by the lush mangroves. The Andaman has everything to offer from the adrenaline-filled activities to the picturesque nature complimented by serine beaches and the horizon. A yearly tourist event is held in Andaman between December and January. But you may travel to the islands at any time between October and May. And the favourable coastal weather adds to it.

Here are the things that one should include into his/her bucket list while travelling Andaman.


1.      Sightseeing and Exploring the secluded Islands 


There is a plethora to be seen here, with many beaches and tourist sites dispersed over the numerous islands. Individual island trips are available on the principal islands of Havelock Island, Neil Island, Port Blair, and Ross & Smith Island as well as other Andaman sites. All this island owe their different reliefs and creatures. Port Blair's Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex, Cellular Jail National Memorial and, Samudrika Marine Museum, are some of the prominent tourist hotspots.


2.      Experiencing the thrill of various water sports 


If you enjoy water activities and the ocean, this vivacious and tropical paradise is a Mecca for aquatic pleasures. A visit to the virgin Andaman Islands will give you the opportunity to discover the sea of wonders at its best with activities like snorkelling and scuba diving. The best part is that you don't need to be an expert swimmer; all you need is the courage to jump into the water while wearing protective gear. Other sports like Kayaking, speed boating, rowing, parasailing, water skiing, windsurfing, and other activities are also available.


3.      Cherishing the exclusive beauty in Andaman 


·         One of several exciting activities in the Andaman & Nicobar Islands includes discovering the fascinating limestone caves. Along with exploring the cave, the speed boat journey to the cave is exciting due to the mangrove plants on each side and the crashing water.

·         You may see turtles breeding on the beach if you go at the appropriate season.

·         The bioluminescence can be observed as you row your watercraft through them, the water lights. This occurs because phytoplankton is present in the seawater.


·         Only moonless evenings allow for the observation of bioluminescence. Kayak trips are organized by professionals, who are insufficient in Havelock.


·         Rubber plantations and the various natural rock formations on different islands are also worth a visit.


4.      Trying out the mouth-watering cuisines 


Any vacation would be pointless without sampling the local cuisine, and Andaman is known for its seafood. If you enjoy seafood, you must not miss it! Simply locate the ideal location and satisfy your appetite by indulging in delectable foods like prawns, crabs, and more.


5.      Souvenir shopping


Your question concerning what to purchase in Andaman and Nicobar has an answer here. If you wish to purchase souvenirs from the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Aberdeen Bazaar offers a huge range of items made by regional craftspeople at incredibly low prices. Everything is sold here, including Andaman t-shirts, wooden sculptures, jewellery, and delicacies.


There is a lot to explore in Andaman and one thing which goes without saying is whether you are a kid, a married couple or someone in late adulthood Andaman will not disappoint you. When it concerns thrilling water activities in India, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands have it all: literally miles of sea, beautiful beaches, and a rich coral reef creation. Visit Andaman on your next vacation and make it a worthwhile experience. 


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