6 Outdoor Activities in Sydney

6 Outdoor Activities in Sydney

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While Melbourne is well known for its luxurious indoor environments, Sydney is unmatched for its outstanding outdoor scenery. Whether it’s outdoor bathing, snorkeling or simply walking you’re passionate about, in Sydney, you will find activities tailored to all your preferences. Keep reading to find out more about the stunning outdoor places to visit and things to do in the majestic Sydney outdoor environment.

Chilling in the open-air pools
One thing you can do in Sydney and almost nowhere else is relax in one of the many natural pools containing saltwater. The best part is that, due to Sydney’s sub-tropical climate, you can bathe almost any time of the year. You’ll rarely find such a beautiful view from the pool as from the Andrew (Boy) Charlton Pool by the Royal Botanic Gardens with an overlook of the Woolloomooloo side of Sydney Harbour. The best view of the Sydney Opera House can be caught from the North Sydney Olympic Pool, while you can enjoy the best ocean scenery from Bondi Icebergs.

Snorkeling sessions at the beach
Sydney is widely known for its abundance of colorful sea life, which you can interact with first-hand by joining one of the many snorkeling expeditions around the coastline. One of the most popular snorkeling attractions is Gordons Bay, situated between Bondi and Coogee. Here you can enjoy a full scuba diving experience by following the Underwater Nature Trail. If you’re looking for a more surfaced sea life exploration, then the aquatic reserve Cabbage Tree Bay is ideal for investigating sea life with just goggles and snorkels. 

Participate in a family golf tournament

For those of you who don’t want to spend the whole day in the water, there are also family-friendly activities to do on solid ground. Since Sydney is widely covered with green areas, it’s no wonder that golfing is one of the most popular on-ground activities. There are competitions that golf clubs in Sydney offer which you can participate in with your family and friends, or you can simply enjoy a friendly social game outside competition. Overseas club members have unlimited access to the course, which is great if you’re a true golf fanatic. 

Surf your heart out 

Back to the waters once more, since you can’t talk about outdoor activities in Sydney without mentioning surfing. Australia has one of the most prominent coasts when it comes to surfing, and many professional surfers come to Australia’s coast several times a year. As for beginners, it would be best to stick to more friendly beaches, such as Manly Beach or Bondi Beach which offer beginner courses for newbie surfers. If you’re willing to experience a more local surfers’ paradise, then Cronulla is the place to be.   

Hike around the Blue Mountains 
Climbers are simply going to adore what the Blue Mountains have to offer. The hiking track will lead you through lush forests of eucalyptus and cascading waterfalls to the remarkably beautiful ends of western Sydney. You can get to the most famous spot where the Three Sisters lie by trekking, biking or 4WD, whichever you find most convenient. One thing is certain though – adventurous souls will be left with an experience of a lifetime.

Enjoy a stroll through the Botanic Garden
Just as you thought that Sydney can’t surprise you anymore with its stunning natural oases everywhere, you run into the Royal Botanic Garden right in the heart of the city. There are various things to do right in the garden, depending on your curiosity and energy. If you hop on the Choo Choo Express that takes you around the garden, you can also hear about the garden’s history as you enjoy the scenery. There is rich Aboriginal heritage to explore if you stroll around on your own two feet, or you can simply enjoy the view of lush greenery from one of the many cafes in the garden.

If you have enough time to try out all of these exciting outdoor activities, don’t hesitate to do so. Sydney will surely have even more to offer the next time you come around.  

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