Easy Hiking Trails in Hong Kong

Easy Hiking Trails in Hong Kong

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There is no surprise in the fact that Hong Kong is a truly gorgeous place. Especially, if you are a nature and adventure lover from heart, then the country holds hidden treasure for you all. Going hiking in Hong Kong is going to be a memorable and fun experience. Be it the thigh aching tough courses such as the 100 - kilometre Oxfam Trail Walker or the 957 metres high Tai Mo Shan, which is also considered as Hong Kong’s highest peak, there are a plenty of options for those who are actually seeking them.

Though the only problem which the beginners face is that most of the hikes in Hong Kong can be really challenging at time. No matter how much the stunning views from Needle Hill, Sunset Peak, Kowloon Peak or the Twins hike Hong Kong attract you, but once you have to actually reach them, you know how much hard work goes behind it.

So, if you are worried about how you are going to do such tough hikes, then don’t be sad anymore, because we have searched and have brought to you the easiest and most fascinating ones out of the long list of hiking trails in Hong Kong for you.

1. Dragon’s Back

If you would have researched even a bit about the hiking trails of Hong Kong, then this name would not be that unfamiliar for you, since it is rated among the top slots by several travellers. Dragon’s Back is actually a ridge in the south- eastern corner of the Hong Kong Island and is considered as the most preferred and popular hikes of the country. One can complete a five - kilometre loop as quickly as two hours or if you choose to take the longer one, then the eight - kilometre one can take about three hours. No matter whichever trail you decide to go on, it is 100% sure that you will have loads of fun and within just 20 minutes of starting you will get to see fantastic views on both sides of the ridge. If you originally thought that Hong Kong is all about just tall buildings and sightseeing, then this hike will surely change your perception and will get engraved in your heart.

2. Red Submit Burner

Red Incense Burner Summit, also known as Hung Heung Lo Fung, is a popular spot on Hong Kong Island. Moreover, it is not much difficult to reach here, since there are small minibuses which will drop you somewhere near it and from the nearest minibus stop it will take you a walk of around 10-20 minutes to reach the spot.

Another speciality of this trail which makes it famous among hikers, is that it boasts of offering its hikers stunning night views. However, you must be careful around the summit as well since it can get crowded and consists of some boulders also. Though on a scale of 5, the difficulty rating for this trail is just point 1 but it can get a bit dangerous in case the ground gets slippery. Overall, the hike trail is considered short, but admiring the views completely and depending upon the walking pace, the time required to complete it can range from 1-2 hours to even 3 hours sometimes.

3. Wan Chai

This is a six - kilometre hike which starts in Wan Chai and takes you over to the middle of Hong Kong island, going past Hong Kong’s iconic landmark, The Peak as well as the Mount Cameron and ends at Aberdeen Reservoir. One can complete this amazing hike in around one and a half hour. The best part about taking this hike is that both the beginning as well as end points of the hike are quite close to transport options.

Moreover, there are also some really fun features on the way including self - foot massage area which can bring a true relief to you from the long hike. Though in the beginning it may feel a bit difficult and a steep climb but once you move on, it becomes as easy as a smooth stroll downhill. So, overall you can say that this hike with a short trail in Hong Kongis a complete package since it is moderately easy and easily accessible.

4. Tai Tan Country Trail

Tai Tan Country Trail is one of the best options for those who are beginners in terms of hiking. It is a straight forward coastal hike with just a small hill and features mostly flat ground. The hike starts from Tai Tan Village and takes you along the coastal route to Hoi Ha. During the hike you get to pass by a number of wonderful beaches and also by the Wan Chai campsite.

It takes usually around a total of 3 hours to complete the hike, but if you are more of the adventurous kind and wish to try snorkelling or kayaking at Hoi Hai, which is a protected marine area, then you can take a tad bit longer. As far as transportation from the start and finish points of the hike is concerned, you need not worry as there are regular buses which will take care of your travel. Other than the path being a bit rocky, the hike is comparatively easier.

Owing to these amazing trails, Hong Kong has been rapidly emerging as the best urban hiking destination since the past few years. Book one of the Hong Kong tour packages from India but remember to go in one of the cooler months, since it is the best time for exploring the easy hiking trails of the country.
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