Attractions of North India 5 Days Golden Triangle Tour

Attractions of North India 5 Days Golden Triangle Tour

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We often go on vacations or take a holiday trip with friends or family members and go to some hilly areas or some historic or memorable monuments, no matter whether that’s inside our country or in foreign countries. But we plan the trips wisely according to a number of days we are free or how much budget we got to spend on that. Today I am here to tell you one of the finest trips you can go on, it’s called a Golden Triangle.

As we all know that in India tourism is increasing at a rapid pace and we won’t be surprised to know the fact that a large number of tourists come to visit Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. If you mark the shortest distance between these tourist spots, you would end up marking an amazing and imaginary triangle at the heart of the country. That marked triangle is known as The Golden Triangle. All the three cities are at equi distant of 200 km.

This three destination corridor is not just famous for that triangular shape on the map but they had so much to visit. From the seventh wonder of the world The Taj Mahal in Agra to Red Fort, Jantar Mantar in Delhi and Hawa Mahal in Jaipur. Let’s take a look at the tourist destinations in each city.

The capital of India and currently the most important city in the country was the place of Mughal Emperors once from where they regulate their rule in other parts of country, but not only this, the monuments which generate maximum revenue for the city was built by those Mughal Emperors. The Red Fort, Chandni Chowk, Qutab Minar, Akshardham Temple and India Gate are the heritage spots you got to see in this city and the starting spot of this Golden Triangle.

Apart from these heritage centres, Delhi is also known for its festivals and shopping as you can see the brief view of the whole country here.

This historical city is at 200 km south of New Delhi, on the banks of river Yamuna and obviously the second destination of the Golden Triangle. Over three centuries ago, it was also ruled by the Mughal emperors and is one of the important city of northern India. And that was the time when all the architectural wonder were built like you see, The Taj Mahal, The Agra Fort and the whole different city of Fatehpur Sikri.

Now again you can do shopping which is quite common in the country like India which is sob reach in culture. Here you can take away some amazing hand made creations like Persian rugs, Carpets, Wood articles, Marble articles and also the miniature Taj Mahal as the memory.

Now let’s come up to the last destination of that Golden Triangle, which is situated in the western end of the country and 200 km far from New Delhi. The desert region, Jaipur specifically added to the list to display all the forms of landform in the country. Jaipur is specifically added to the list to display all the forms of landform in the country. 

The main attraction in that desert area is for foodies with wild berries and spices as a staple food and richest cuisine with meat and spices. It is also an iconic destination for shopping. And the mighty Rajputs has managed to build a few attractions. Whereas scarcity of water can be found but it has nothing to do with the beauty of the pink city and the land has managed to keep its culture as colourful as possible.

Golden Triangle is famous for providing a best cultural experience in a single trip, starting from the city of forts to the city which is known for the monument having unique design and is a sign of inseparable love and at last to the Rajputana land. During the whole trip, one can experience different culture food and some artefacts with their own different attractions.

This trip is known as a golden triangle because only visiting these three cities you can experience much more of Indian culture than you can experience during a country visit, as these cities are most important cities since they are originated.

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