Why Should Balmain Be Your Number One Destination for Your Next Trip

Why Should Balmain Be Your Number One Destination for Your Next Trip

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Australia has become one of the most enticing destinations to visit, and for a good reason at that. Aside from many metropolises such as Melbourne, Perth and Sydney, the Land Down Under is also home to many smaller towns and suburbs that are worthy of everyone’s visit. Balmain, for instance, is a Sydney suburb packed with a variety of amazing activities, food choices and sights. If you haven’t thought about paying a visit to the inner-west suburb of Balmain, here’s why you should change your mind.

Explore the wilderness
If you’re an outdoorsy type, Balmain offers many opportunities for you to enjoy the fresh air and get to know the surroundings. One of the options that you'll love is Dawn Fraser Baths. The oldest pool in Australia was built in the 1880s and it is a tidal flow saltwater harbour pool. If you want to bring your little ones with you, they’ll have the chance to build sandcastles at low tide. With the kiosk that serves hot food, snacks and ice creams, you won’t have to worry about bringing food supplies with you and you can have a relaxing worry-free day. Visit the Blue Mountains too, and enjoy the crisp, clean, fresh mountain air. The spouting waterfalls will leave you in awe, which will make this Australian experience that much memorable.

Enjoy the sights of Balmain
Walking around Balmain will be a sight for sore eyes. Fig trees and harbour views at the Elkington Park, the best views of the Sydney city skyline that overlooks the Sydney Harbour and Balmain Market will leave you in awe with its beauty, diversity and charm. At the grounds of St Andrews Church, you can get amazing handmade arts and crafts, jewellery, giftware and of course souvenirs for your friends and family. If you’d like something other than a gift from the market, you can always buy scented candles online and have them delivered quickly to you while you’re still in Balmain. Smells always help us relive a certain event in our mind, so if you get a candle in Balmain, you’ll always associate that scent with this cute suburb. That’s why a scented candle is a wonderful souvenir for yourself, but it can be a great gift for your loved ones too. 

Treat yourself with amazing food
Trying new foods is the main part of every trip, which is why you shouldn’t miss out on taking a trip around the world by tasting the food from so many different parts of the world. Have breakfast at the restaurant that serves Middle Eastern food, lunch at an Italian ristorante, and wine and dine at a Turkish restaurant like the real foodie you are. One of the best things about Balmain, if you’re a food lover, is that it’s chock-full of cafes, restaurants and food patisseries just waiting or you to taste every single delicious meal from the menu. So, no need to worry about ever being famished while visiting Balmain.

Boat rides as an excellent idea
Does it really count as a trip to Sydney if you haven’t gone on a boat ride? Nope, you bet it doesn’t, so when you head to Balmain, make sure you also take a boat ride to Goat Island. If you go on a Goat Island tour, you’ll learn that the local Cadigal people call the island Me-mel, and that one of the first water police stations in Sydney was founded precisely on Goat Island. 

Final thoughts
The next time you decide to visit Sydney, don't forget to pay a visit to a charming suburb called Balmain. It's the perfect location for everyone who wants to isolate themselves from the bustling streets of a metropolis such as Sydney without making you lack any type of tourist experience.

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