What to Do When Visiting Australia in the Summer

What to Do When Visiting Australia in the Summer

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Australian summer starts in December and ends in February. It’s the perfect time to visit since the days are long and hot and beaches are usually packed with tourists. Have in mind that it’s also the wet season in the tropical north and that some resorts might be closed due to the flood risks. 

Southern parts of the country are ideal for tourists this time of year and that’s where most divers and snorkelers go when they visit Australia in the summer, with a few detours to visit the historic and cultural sights.

Hiking in Tasmania

Tasmanian summers are mild by Australian standards and that makes them perfect for nature lovers that aren’t really into extreme versions of exploring the outdoors. Hiking is, therefore, a great way to enjoy and experience nature without having to invest too much in equipment or having to be in perfect shape.

The scenery you get to experience is going to be as diverse as you can imagine, starting with sandy beaches and lavender fields in bloom all the way to large cities. Tasmanian food is also probably the best in the country and you shouldn’t miss out on it.

Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is the place for snorkelling in Australia. It spans 2,300 kilometres, along the East Coast. Summers do tend to bring storms to the region but it is such a vast space that you may find the weather to vary greatly. 

Early summer is also the season of the coral spawn. It’s a truly unique experience and divers and snorkelers get to experience it in a way no one else can. The southern part of the reef usually doesn’t have any stingers and is home to manta rays, whales and turtles.

New Year’s Eve in Sydney

New Year’s Eve falls in the middle of Australian summer and that in itself makes it a unique experience. For most Australians, New Year’s Eve is a big beach party. It’s best to buy Sydney NYE tickets in advance since it’s the event on everyone’s bucket list.

There are a few ways to experience the party – most do it from the actual beaches or parks nearby but it’s also interesting to watch the fireworks from a boat just near the shore. The party and the fireworks get bigger and more extravagant each year.

The Red Centre

The Red Centre is often called the Australian outback and summer is the best time to visit it. It’s the perfect place to relax and really let go in terms of luxuries and accommodations. The tourism offer is created around this kind of visit exactly. There are luxury lodges and helicopter tours of the area.

Have in mind that the summer season in this area can be pretty rough, and that you need to make the proper preparations so that you’re safe and well hydrated during your stay. Some hotels even close their doors during the season.

Western Australia

Western Australia is known for its beautiful beaches and you could spend weeks or even months taking your time exploring the coastline. There are 63 white beaches across the coastline, many of which aren’t really commercial so you get to experience them on your own. 

Margaret River is also home to Australia’s best wineries which can be a great detour to make once you get tired of all the beach hopping. This part of the country is also filled with amazing local wildlife and it’s possible to find kangaroos right there on an empty beach.

Australia is a great place to visit during the summer even though they get rather hot. It has something to offer to tourists who are into partying, who want to have an active vacation and to those who just want to relax and be spoiled for a while.

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