Useful Travel Tips For Himachal Pradesh

Useful Travel Tips For Himachal Pradesh

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I taking advantage of my first trek to Kheeganga with hubby and young lady to such a degree, that thought of sharing my involvement with expansion to specific tips to move people to trek with kids. Scrutinize on to know how we made sense of how to trek Kheerganga in one day with our 8-year-old young lady and how you can do it also.


I had been getting some answers concerning Kasol a lot and the spot pulled in me for its vacillated culture, nourishment and no-limit ordinary eminence. Kasol is outstanding among wayfarers and people who love to stay high (Charas or Marijuana). The spot offers a noteworthy blend of Israeli culture, inquisitive scenes, and unblemished nature. Notwithstanding the way that Kasol is certainly not a phenomenal objective for a family event, regardless, you can't deny the fulfillment you get in achieving something abnormal. There's a wonder in the peculiar!

The best technique to REACH KASOL FROM DELHI

Kasol is best passed by road since who needs to miss the shocking viewpoints. One can self-drive or agreement a taxi. Getting a private vehicle/Volvo from Majnu Ka Tila or Rama Krishna Ashram Metro Station in Delhi or HRTC Himsuta Volvo from ISBT Kashmiri Gate is in like manner a better than average other option, regardless, you need to get down at Bhuntar in case you are dropping by move and catch another to Kasol/Manikaran/Barshaini depending on where you have booked your remain. The Volvos pull back in the late night generally.


I orchestrated the 4 days plan covering Kasol, Katagala, Manikaran, Malana, Chalal, Tosh and Barshiani (Watch out for my next blog section about these spots). Kheerganga trek was not plausible. I and hubby didn't have any trekking foundation and we were sure that it's by abnormal with our daughter who can't move toward near to advertise without crying about her leg torment.

We made a beeline for Kasol from Delhi by methods for Chandigarh. It's around 530 km and took us 14 hours by methods for NH44.

kheerganga trek beAs conduit

Rainbow over the Baes conduit.

Directly around 14-hour adventure from Delhi to Kasol was awesome wherein we seen two gigantic streams (Beas and Parvati) snuggled between the Himalayas. Beas River went with us all through the journey from Mandi to Aut tunnel and once we crossed the Aut tunnel, Parvati River transformed into our reliable accomplice. The element of our road experience was going through the 3 km long Aut tunnel, which is one of the longest road tunnels in India.


Parvati Kuteer on the bank of Parvati River was our home for the accompanying 4 days in Kasol. A wooden lodge verified by Cedar trees and wonderful nursery, offering the points of view on the snow-verified Himalayas and dismissing the gushing Parvati conduit – Ah! Imagine what happens when the sound of the stream transforms into the morning clock! You won't ever rest! We watched Parvati Kuteer to be one of the immaculate stay decisions in Kasol.


It was not orchestrated. By what means may it be? I mean with a 8-year-old child, nobody would need to trek 13-15 km uneven and in no way, shape or form to a spot like Kheerganga shocking (or understood) for its own special reasons. Regardless, it happened! We trekked up to Kheerganga and trekked down to Barshaini around a similar time with our daughter. Rest is history!


All of the spots in our timetable were solicited in 3 days and fourth day was sans left intentionally considering the way that what better way to deal with welcome the nature than just sitting by the conduit incorporated by the mountains and tall Deodar trees. Notwithstanding, fate had its own one of a kind courses of action that didn't arrange with our own.

My young lady curiously tended to," for what reason wouldn't we have the option to take on Kheerganga trek?" I unveiled the issue level to her and how it's unrefined for her age. She proclaimed that she needs to experience it, maybe 2-3 km trek and a short time later return. I was concerned and terrified. We enquired about the trek with local people and they felt that it's extremely conceivable. It was, clearly, their variation subject to their very own stamina and experience.


Barshaini, the starting phase of Kheerganga trek is around 17 km from Kasol.

We had our very own vehicle and driver. One can either take a taxi or taxi from Kasol to Barshaini or settle on a spending limit warm transport ride.

Thusly, our course of action was to trek up to Kalga town, loosen up, have tea and goodies and slipped.

kheerganga trek barshaini asylum

We met in Tosh and advanced toward turning out to be partners in Barshaini 🙂


Barshaini is a genuine little town with no or hardly any stay decisions. You may have the alternative to find a couple homestays in Barshaini. Tosh is just 3 km intense from Barshaini and can be picked as a base for the night as it offers a wide scope of offices reaching out from homestay, guesthouses to lodgings.


The great ways from Barshaini to Kheerganga is around 13-15 km depending on the course you take.


The best time to visit Kheerganga is all through the mid year or gather time season. Most prominent months fuse May, June, September, and October.


As I said it's a reasonably straightforward trek and can be adequately completed with kids. 2960m above sea level, Kheerganga is the best trek for understudies.


There are two courses to reach Kheerganga from Barshaini:

1. Through Nakthan/Rudranag (13 km) – Difficult to climb, more straightforward to plunge and offers entrancing viewpoints (ideal for photography enthusiasts). It has less trees and vegetation; a more prominent measure of little estates in travel so to some degree exhaustive during splendid brilliant days.

2. Through Kalga (15 km) – Easier to climb, hard to plunge. Thick vegetation and thick timberlands make it generally fitting for stunning brilliant days. This is a lesser-known course and people all around evade it for there are chances of losing course in light of thick timberlands. Ideal for learners and low on stamina trekkers like us 🙂


Tosh treats you with the best viewpoints on Parvati Valley. You make sure to get a stay with a view here. You keep an eye out of your window and viewpoint on the snow-clad mountain zeniths incorporated by green pine trees fill your resources. Despite the way that the stay choices in Tosh are not very many so better book early. Check here the once-over of properties in Tosh at openness and expenses.


We plainly took the Kalga course. around 30 minutes trek lead us to Kalga and we were stupified by the brilliance of this inquisitive little town transmitting the peacefulness we all pines for these days. We sat at the local bistro and tasted on hot tea while our young lady acknowledged Maggi with astonishing points of view. People of Kalga were welcoming and joyful. They asked us to trek to Kheerganga with our daughter according to them it was not quick to leave such a phenomenal spot unexplored when you are so close to it.

Kasol Kheerganga Trek in Parvati Valley Kalga Village

Alright! The common intrigue of the Himalayan estate.


In case you are looking for a much more settled spot than Kasol or Tosh to remain, you can find various superb stay choices in Kalga. Kalga is one of the most magnificent towns sprinkled transversely over Parvati Valley. It's extremely a moron! A sleepy estate where time stops. The Himalayas, apple estates, rich knolls, and energetic blooms – do you need some other thing to be bright?

Glorious Cow Café And Beds, Sacred Garden, Brahma Homestay, and, Red Apple Cottage Homestay are a part of the spots to stay in Kalga. They are perfect for solo-wayfarers anyway can be helpful for family explorers who love mountains more than comfort and indulgence.

Airbnb has a segment of the faultless spots to stay in Kalga. Snap here to get a markdown on your first Airbnb booking.

With such an enormous number of homestays coming up in Kalga, I question it will remain as unblemished or abnormal as it is directly. I construe then voyagers will go to Pulga and Tulga for much-required concordance.

Kasol Kheerganga Trek in Parvati Valley Rock markings

The markings during Kheerganga trek helped us to find the right way, all appreciation to the related adventurers!

With no game-plan for the journey ahead and little child with us, it was dreadful. We simply had a light backpack with a compartment of water and an extra pair of pieces of clothing for our daughter. Water, sustenance, and accommodation weren't an issue anyway in light of the fact that there were a great deal of bistros while in travel to Kheerganga and different spots to stay at Kheerganga. The issue was the experience. With such a noteworthy number of request unanswered, we gave up to our daughter's will and continued with our journey to Kheerganga from Kalga.

It had all the earmarks of being basic close to the start with open grounds and extravagant green boondocks until we crossed a platform made of wood logs. The Kheerganga trek ended up being also mentioning after 5 km walk. We made it a point to demand the right way at every bistro in travel so we don't lose our bearing. There were fallen trees and shakes in travel and it wound up terrifying as we proceeded with further.

Furthermore, after that came this notice! It astonished us! We were continuously watchful.

Kasol Kheerganga Trek in Parvati Valley Warning Signboard

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