Breathtaking Trip to the USA: 6 Tips to Make it Cheaper

Breathtaking Trip to the USA: 6 Tips to Make it Cheaper

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The United States is an incredibly attractive but not too affordable traveling destination.
Many people dream of seeing the Statue of Liberty, taking a walk along the Hollywood Walk of Fame, feeling dizzy at the edge of the Grand Canyon, but not everyone succeeds.
In order to make the dream a little closer, let's see why travel to the USA is so expensive and how to reduce its total cost.

Avoid prepaid all-inclusive tours

Finding a cheap tour in the USA is almost impossible. Of course, the Internet is full of ads promising ‘all-inclusive’ offers, but it’s worth taking a closer look, as it becomes clear that neither flight nor accommodation is included in this amount.
Tours with excursions, meals, and transfers included in them, are good for those who have an unlimited budget and agree to get acquainted only with the official features of the country. Those who want to see true America with its unique character and still not spend too much money should plan a trip individually.

Learn to look for cheap flight tickets

A flight to the United States can frighten even experienced travelers at its cost. Plus, connecting flights can significantly complicate your journey and increase its duration. To avoid this, always follow two main rules - be sure to go to New York, and look for tickets only on search aggregator websites. They gather information from major flight booking sites and show all the offers in one place.

Thus, this is the way you can find the fastest and cheapest direct flights by comparing all the options.

Benefit from a rental car

Don’t count on low prices in the field of excursions. If the entrance to the museums themselves or to the territory of the national park is quite cheap, then the road to them may cost expensive.

That’s why the best way to save on travel is to pick up car rental USA under 21. If you already have an international driving license and at least 1 year of experience, feel free to book a vehicle. This pleasure will cost about $20-50 per day depending on the location and car size.

For little money, you get the freedom of movement and an endless list of places where you can go. In most states, you can rent a car starting from the age of 20, and in New York and Michigan states even from 18.

A rental car is perfect for those tourists who don’t like to spend their entire vacation in one city.

Check out hotel and hostel prices in advance

Staying in the USA is not cheap and it’s not easy to save on it. Compared to Europe, where a night in a hostel can cost about $10, the United States will seem incredibly expensive destination in terms of the accommodation price. The cheapest hostel on the outskirts will cost there about $25-30 per day, while a single room in a hotel will cost $70-80.

However, don’t think that Americans are trying to fool tourists. The fact is that prices are based on local incomes, and they are quite high.

Booking on the spot increases the cost of the room, and if it’s a day off – they can add a few more dollars to the final rate. Therefore, even if you are already in the United States and plan to check in soon, it’s better to make a reservation via the Internet.

Also, some hotel chains (for example, Hilton) include in the program all who register on their website and reserve a room. If you plan to travel around the country and you will have the opportunity to check into only these hotels, accommodation will cost less with a club discount.

Don’t ignore fast food in the USA

The food service in America is one of the largest in the world. Moreover, if you immediately imagined only hamburgers and fries in assortment, then you are mistaken. There’s also a cafe for the fans of healthy and vegetarian cuisine on most streets, so it’s easy to find cheap food to eat there.

In addition, even in the smallest cafeterias or bars at gas stations, you will always be offered several quality dishes worth $3-5, so you will be able to eat for cheap.

Just compare: dinner for two in the simplest restaurant can cost $50-70 plus 15-20% tips.

Buy medical insurance

Be sure to arrange medical insurance before traveling to the United States. The fact is that a simple consultation with a doctor will cost $150 if you are lucky and you find such a cheap doctor, while insurance for several weeks of travel will cost you only $20!

Coverage for a short tourist trip should have compensation for at least $50,000, and for a long trip - at least $100,000.

Well, these tips are the main points to make your trip to the United States less expensive. If you wish, you can try to find additional ways for a budget journey.

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