Guide to Clean Canon Printer Ink Absorbers

Guide to Clean Canon Printer Ink Absorbers

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Ink Absorbers in Canon printers are meant to soak excessive ink. When the Cleaning is executed in Canon printers, these ink absorbers save your printer from being dirty with ink. After some time, ink absorbers get full and start leaking ink, and don't soak the extra ink; therefore, you require to clean these absorbers. So, now it should be clear what topic we are taking today. We'll talk about the cleaning process of Canon printer ink absorbers if it's full.

How do you know if the ink absorber is full or not?

Ink absorbers in Canon printers are located below ink tanks, and manually, it's difficult to check whether it's full or half or empty. But you get to know the status without any manual inspection. When the ink absorber in your Canon inkjet model gets full, the printer automatically sends a message on your system screen with a support code. So if you have received the error code for full ink absorber, you'll need to take action for cleaning it.

Is there any precaution to use an ink absorber?

Canon printer ink absorber could damage when it is the upright or tilted machine. The ink may leak from the printer's primer unit in such situations. Hence, all you have to take care of is not to move the printer a lot and don't tilt the machine.

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How to take out the ink absorber?         

Before you clean the ink absorber on your Canon printer, it's best to know how you can easily take the ink absorber out from inside the machine. Therefore, go through the below steps;

First, open the front cover of your Canon printer machine.
Wait for cartridges to move and sit in an initial position.
Then, press the button to open the closed door. Ink tanks are installed inside.
You'll see installed ink tanks inside; hence push down the one that's absorber is full.
Remove the ink tank from its holder and take it outside.

In the rubber guard, you'll see small pads.
Use any tool to hold the ink absorber pad and take it out.

How can you clean the ink absorber in the Canon printer?

Now you know how to take out the Canon printer's ink absorber. So, it's time to clean the ink absorber and place it back. Here's how to do it;

Prepare soapy water in a bowl or anything other than pot.
Take out the ink absorber pad and dip into the soapy water and squeeze.
When you see the ink has been released and eradicated, the pad should look white.
After this, clean the ink absorber pad using a paper towel or a clean cloth.
Make sure the pad gets dry.
Put the pad into the exact location where you take it out.
Reinstall the clean ink absorber now.
Locate the ink tanks into their place again and close the cover.
Also, close the front cover.
The ink absorber of your Canon printer is clean, and your printer machine is ready to print. Now you can easily print without any damage or worst quality.   

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