I've never left the United States

I've never left the United States

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I've never left the country. I don't have a passport. I've never been at any border. It's not that I don't have an interest in international travel; I guess time, money, and the dogs are my biggest obstacles. Oh yea: I'm terrified and anxiety ridden when I think about flying. I could drive into Canada.. which I'm planning on doing in a few years with the dogs. But I don't feel comfortable driving into Mexico. 
So, for now, the dogs and I spend our vacation days driving across the country, visiting as many national park sites as we can squeeze into our jam packed itinerary. I think about when I only have 1 dog.. she is small enough to fly with.. and it may be easier to pass her off to be dog sat. The first place I would go is Puerto Rico. They have a neat national park site, and from Mpls, the flight can't be that long. Then I would go to Greenland and Iceland; before all the glaciers melt. 
I have a list of 20 places worldwide I'd want to go, if I had the time and money. Right now, I'm trying to take 2 trips a year. Basing them around road trips, and a new national park site every trip. Spring 2020 trip is up in the air.. I'm not sure I can afford to take the trip. I was thinking about driving to the Outer Banks. I would overnight twice on my way out.. getting to North Carolina on the 3rd day. I always take two different routes.. never the same on the return trip. On the way out I'm thinking overnighting in Indiana, and Virgina. On the ay home perhaps W. Virgina and Illinois. Definitely want to hit 10 or so national parks. I have hardly any stamps for the East. 

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2dogs1road travel blog images

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