Troubleshooting Booklet Printing in Canon

Troubleshooting Booklet Printing in Canon

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Canon printers are used in most printing works, and printing a booklet is one of them. Canon all-in-one printers come with a feature called booklet printing function. You can use Reader and Acrobat X or Acrobat and Reader 9 to print a booklet using a Canon printer. Though booklet printing is easy, it may cause some issues as well.

First, we’ll show you how you can print a booklet with a Canon printer;

How to print a booklet?
Print one side of the sheet to create a booklet, then fold it half. When you staple the sheet, it’ll be a booklet.

Open the file that you want to print as a booklet.
Select print to open the printer driver setup window.
In the Page Setup Tab, look for the Page Layout list.
Then, click on Booklet.
On the left side of the window, you’ll quickly see the current settings for your booklet.   
In the Printer Paper Size list, choose the paper size to print.
Now, move to Specify option and set the margin, blank page and Page Border in the dialog box.
Click OK and execute booklet printing.

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Fix Issues while creating the booklet 
Creating a booklet or printing it can sometimes experience issues that you can troubleshoot using a few settings. For example, when you print a booklet using a Canon printer, make sure the paper is set correctly after the one-side printing.   

Enable Duplex Unit –
If you are using a duplex unit or it’s an option, then you’ve to enable this option in the printer driver;

Go to Settings on your device or Windows.
Open Devices and click Printers & scanners.
Choose your device to configure.
Click Manage > Manage your device > Printer properties.
Print settings screen appears and opens Device Settings. 
Close to Device Information, select the “Retrieve Device Status Information” option to enable the duplex unit.

Set up Basic Booklet Printing -
If your device hasn’t the duplex option, then skip the above procedure and directly apply the below steps;

Open the application and click on the print menu.
Then, click on your current device.
According to your application, a prompt may appear, for example, Properties.
In the print settings screen, open Finishing or Basic Settings.
In the Print Style, select Booklet Printing.
Click on the Booklet option, and detailed Settings for Booklet dialog box appears.
Here, click Book Opening and choose the binding option.
Click on Specify Booklet Gutter, then select the gutter width > OK.

Contact the Canon printer tech support team if the basic settings don’t help you print the booklet correctly.   

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