Autel EVO II drones keep safe at night

Autel EVO II drones keep safe at night

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Drones not only serve drone enthusiasts, but also establish more leadership in the air field. Autel Drone is an advanced U.S.-made drone that has made significant progress in drone technology, and excellent drone pilots can also operate drones for law enforcement applications, not only during the day, but also at night.

We know that drone flight safety and aerial privacy are the topics of greatest concern to the public. But at the same time there are also drone enthusiasts who are only interested in flying drones. The Autel EVO II series of drones is so powerful that it has been extended to law enforcement drones in areas such as search and rescue capabilities, fire operations, inspections and marine management.

Everyone in law enforcement applications is pushing the limits of what is possible while building public trust in how law enforcement can use drones for the greater good. UAV night-time law enforcement to defend against public safety threats has become a professional and cost-effective practice. Autel EVO II Pro‘s powerful 6k camera capability will give drone pilots clear night vision.

The professional law enforcement drone Autel EVO II Dual has dual cameras, and the installation of thermal imaging cameras will give the drone more possibilities to discover and provide emergency responders with real-time situational awareness. As a commercial drone, drone pilots are FAA Part 107 licensed, professional pilots.

Launching a night drone program as a commercial activity requires compliance with laws and regulations, as well as having professionals who are experienced in navigating a complex web of aviation regulations. If you're just a casual drone enthusiast, I recommend the Autel EVO Nano Plus drone, which requires no registration and is extremely powerful. It is the king of 249g drone night camera.

In the future, more drones will be allowed to operate drones at night, and cooperate with public law enforcement departments to conduct security inspections, search and rescue and other operations.

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drone036 travel blog images

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