From Ms. To Mrs. Daly / My Life in Estados Unidos 🇺🇸

From Ms. To Mrs. Daly / My Life in Estados Unidos 🇺🇸

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For those who weren't able to read how we met / our love story here's the link 👇🏼

I always asked God for signs, kept wondering if Ryan was truly the right one for me. Signs like not passing the medical exam and or getting denied in the interview. I thought, “If one of these signs happens maybe he's not the one.” A cannonade of confusing and pessimistic thoughts also came to mind: “I wouldn’t have to risk myself going to the US,” “Is he just going to break my heart?” “Are we really not meant to be?” Those worries crossed and re-crossed daily in my heart. And even after we filed for the K1 Fiancé Visa Process last March 1, 2019, the crazy waiting game for the approval was just too much to take mentally.

But I passed. We passed. August 8, 2019 came and finally we got approved! I passed everything with flying colors. So I said to myself, “This is it!” I knew right then that my life in America would be so much different than what I was used to. I admit that I’m actually spoiled and pampering is my monthly thing. I'm particular with brands when it comes to shoes and bags and I don't repeat my clothes. I also love travelling and I do it every once in a while. Crazy, right? Judge me if you want but that's just how I am. Also I don't cook nor do house chores. My mom and sister always do that work for me and I am lucky to have them! Everyone thinks going to US is a privilege and would gain a sassier life but I know it's the other way around. With that said, I’m willing to improve myself for the better and become more listening, proactive, and responsible.

I love Ryan so much. He makes me happy and prioritizes me no matter what. But he's still 25 years old and just started his career, and so by having me as his ‘burden’, it will surely be a challenge. He said he's spoiled too and has lived with his parents his whole life, provided with everything—food, car gas, utility bills. Basically, we have the same roots and the challenge is to do this on our own. Is our love enough in order for everything to work out?

Given the circumstances, if Ryan was truly willing, if he’s truly in this game, then why wouldn't I? There were a lot of adjustments on my side since I was the one moving but I knew he'd be adjusting too, I knew he’d bear a financial burden for 4-6 months. Yet, he said he was still willing to do it because he loves me. And that fact moved me to give it a shot.

There was a lot of drama a week before my flight. We were both stressed and we almost gave up with one another. However, our love was so strong, imbued by the past memories we had, and we were able to surpass it.

The day of my flight arrived. I asked God one more time for a sign if this was really it. From my baggage to immigration, everything went smooth so I called Ryan and told him, “I'll see you soonest love.” We were both having mixed emotions no one could describe it.

A sixteen-and-a-half-hour flight happened. From Manila to New York. There was no reception. I started to get worried (again) if Ryan made it to New York because he took the train and told me it was his first time. I thought something bad would happen to him. He could get lost. But I pushed these thoughts away and trusted the universe’s plan.

I was inspected at the port of entry by an officer and he was nice to me. He escorted me to a small room and said to wait. I suddenly got worried (again), thinking that maybe there's something wrong with my visa or personal record. Moments and a sigh of relief later, my name was called and no questions were further asked. They just gave my passport back and then I headed to the baggage counter. After I got my things, I exited from the terminal and then there he was—the love of my life, standing under the dark and cold midnight, waiting for me with a smiling face. I couldn’t keep myself from shouting loudly, “Glue! Glue! Glue!” Our very own unique endearment. Finally, after seven months of waiting, I was able to feel, kiss, and hug him again. We then took an Uber to go to our hotel.

It's then official! Welcome to America! It felt so good to be home with your fiancé! We roamed around the city and I thought I'd be having problems with the transportation because it's a big country. However, we were able to find our way to the train station and to the destinations we wanted to go without hindrances. We rode a bus, the train, and walked that made me remember when I was travelling around Southeast Asia. It seemed like I knew the place already, like I knew it more than Ryan.

We had our first train ride together. Yes, it was also his first. And so I documented it. We eventually arrived at Times Square, ended up in TGI Fridays and took our dinner there. You could really feel you're in America because of the prices and the mandatory tips for the service crew.

After our dinner, we walked around Times Square and told him, “We will experience the New Year's Eve Countdown here, soon.” He smiled thinking about it and so did I, feeling hopeful.

The next day, we took a bus going to New Jersey to transfer to a cheaper stay. We booked a place in AirBnB. At near noon, we discovered a pizza place called Pizza Pros and we both loved it! So far we would still consider it as our best pizza place. We then took the bus going to Atlantic City to meet my fiancé’s parents. Of course I was so nervous but Ryan comforted me and said everything will be alright. I met his mom and dad and they were courtly and nice. Thanks to them we got a free stay in Harrah's Resort for one night and experienced the mouthwatering buffet.

Beach volleyball is one of Ryan's favorite sports and that’s why I cheered for him when he was playing. The Jacuzzi was so relaxing and the pool was huge. Plus there were no worries of sunburn because the dome has UV protection tech. Hours passed and as we went to the boardwalk the sun set in its orange glow. It was dreamy and beautiful. Minutes later the skies went darker and it turned cold. Winter was coming! *wink*GOT*wink*

We headed back to New York to meet my cousins. They were all happy to see me and to finally meet Ryan.

Brooklyn Bridge

Liberty State Park

Dumbo, Brooklyn

After our New York and New Jersey escapades, it was already time to go home. To my new home to be exact: Philadelphia.

We went to his parents’ house in Willow Grove for a visit and to meet his twin brother, Tyler, and his pet dog, Sophie.

My bestie (also my YouTuber BFF), his twin brother Tyler, we actually chatted and called many times when I was still in the Philippines. He helped me a lot in waking up Ryan when I needed him (his phone is always in ‘do not disturb’ mode). Tyler also helped me too with the surprise packages and gifts that I was sending for Ryan.

And then, Sophie, a.k.a. Sophster, a nickname I gave her. She was barking the whole day when I first visited. Right now we're ultimate bffs.

It's my birthday!!! My 26th birthday came and it was my first birthday that I had to celebrate in the US. Thanks to Ryan's parents for treating us to dinner and making my birthday special. To my second family, if you’re reading this, I love you all!

Fast forward... it's Halloween! Our first Halloween together! I decided for us to dress up. And since the movie, Joker, was trending at that time, I convinced Ryan to wear a Joker costume. And he did! He was Joker and I was Poison Ivy.


November came and with that is Thanksgiving. We don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Philippines so it was my first time. We went to his parents’ house for dinner in celebration of Thanksgiving. Turkey! Gabo! Gabo! Gabo! I truly appreciate this tradition after celebrating it with my new family. I truly felt the warmth.

However, as time went by, I felt cold, literally. It’s not about family relations but about the climate. December breeze is here and I’m excited but at the same time worried by the coldness! But those worries eventually melted as I focused on the thought that December, while it’s the official winter time, it was also the month where we were getting married.

After postponing it for two months, finally it's our big day. First time to get my nails and waxing done here in the US and for this alone I definitely missed the Philippines where it's cheap.

Here then comes the bride all dressed in white.

All of the things in our lives happen for a reason. Without things flowing and treading in their own patterns and paths, all would be at a standstill. And we don’t do that. We humans are dynamic beings. We move. We open our eyes. We breathe. We dream. We then move again, fiercer than before, to achieve our dream. And then we love.

Now, here I am, synchronized with what the universe has fated me. I’m smiling and feeling extremely grateful.

I love you, Ryan. Here’s to our adventure! Here’s to our love!

Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year 🍾 🥂 

Special thanks to:

Socorros Bridal Shop 🇵🇭 for my gown

Cindy for my makeup 💄

and Bonnie for my hair 💇🏻‍♀️

Alleika Galon Araco for taking our pictures, my maid of honor and ring bearer

Cielbert Dondoyano Jr. for editing 👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼

Follow me on instagram @camillegayletravels for my life in 🇺🇸 and @melots12 my main acc ❤️

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