The Entire Scoop On US Flight Delays and Cancellations

The Entire Scoop On US Flight Delays and Cancellations

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The schedules of an airline can be very fluctuating and they are not guaranteed. However, no company would purposely want to delay or cancel flights. There can be various reasons for flight ticket cancellations, which can go from weather to maintenance issues. Air traffic delays also pose hindrances due to which flights can get canceled. If you are in the United States, you might not get any compensation if your flight gets delayed, canceled or overbooked.

 Do US Flights Offer Flight Cancellation Compensation?

 If your flight gets canceled, you are not entitled to receive any compensation from the airline company, and the same goes for flight delay too! You might get a free meal or some airlines might even offer to book you a hotel for a night stay. These compensations are not offered by all airlines, though. To know about their policies regarding flight ticket cancellation or delay, you would have to ask the staff at the airport about it.

 How Would You Know About The Delayed Schedule Of Your Flight?

 If there is any change in the schedule of a flight, airlines are required to provide their passengers with prior information, at least 7 days prior to the flight departure. Going by rules, an airline should inform all its passengers about the change in status within 30 minutes of them coming to know about it.

Screens displaying flight status and other information should be updated if flights are delayed by 30 minutes or more. This should be done at US airports under the control of the airline within 30 minutes of them becoming aware of the issue.

Why Do Long Delays Happen?

A creeping delay is when a delay in flight schedule keeps getting longer slowly as the airlines face problems incorrectly predicting the estimated delay in early stages. This can be due to many unforeseen circumstances like weather, which can fluctuate from time to time. These types of delays absolutely unexpected.

 How To Switch Flights or Find Alternative Airlines?

 You can switch your flights if your flight gets delayed. It can be done by calling the airlines and trying to make arrangements for another itinerary. The airline might charge you exorbitantly for trying to change your reservation and this should be kept in mind while changing your itinerary.

Seats can also be transferred to alternative airlines, for delays or cancellations, and you can dial the airline and confirm seat availability. You can save money as you get to avoid the increase in fare. You might not be reimbursed by the airlines if you try to book a seat on another airline. Checked bags also pose a problem in changing airlines. Even for a refund, you may or may not get one if your flight gets delayed by long hours. It all depends on the airline company and the duration of delay as well as the length of the flight. In some cases, your entire fees might be refunded.

Other Things To Keep In Mind About Flight Cancellation Compensation-

Airline companies might be kind enough to help you get seats on flights of other airlines if your flight gets delayed significantly or canceled. They are not bound to do so, but they can help you out if you ask them politely about seat availability on another airline. This can be very difficult during rush hours and peak seasons. 

The airline companies might not offer you any form of Flight Cancellation Compensation be it in the form of hotels, cabs or meals. You might be able to get back your baggage fees and such other costs associated with your ticket directly. Companies do not even need to reimburse the costs of trips that might be associated with your canceled flight, like lost wages and hotel rooms, cruise or vacation.

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