8 Questions to Ask Your Car Salesman When Buying Used Cars

8 Questions to Ask Your Car Salesman When Buying Used Cars

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Negotiate like a seasoned pro by knowing which questions to ask when purchasing used cars for sale in Springwood, QLD. Many consumers feel apprehensive about bargaining with a professional car salesman. To ease the tension, we've compiled a list of questions you can ask to level the playing field.

1. Where Did You Get the Car?
Dealers source their cars from lots of places, including auctions, other dealerships, and trade-in customers. Your dealer's response to this query may determine whether you even want to make the trip to the car lot.

2. Is the Car on Your Lot Right Now?
Most consumers shop online for cars, browsing dealership websites for the perfect year, make, model, and trim level. However, some dealerships may not update their online inventory every day, so you may find yourself looking at a car that sold a week ago if you don't ask.

3. May I See the Car's Full History?
Reputable dealerships should manage to supply you with a comprehensive report of the car's history, including ownership, accidents, repairs, and more. Your car salesman's answer to this early threshold question may affect whether you decide to pursue the deal or shop elsewhere.

4. Is the Car a Demonstration (Demo) Vehicle? How Many Times Have Customers Test-Driven It?
Most of the time, dealerships like to use the same car for demonstration drives to keep the rest of the vehicles in pristine condition. Another common practice involves dealership staff using some of the cars for their daily commute. If the car was used as a demo vehicle, you should receive a significant price discount.

5. What Is the Drive-Away Price?
When is the price not the price? When it doesn't include luxury car taxes, fees, and stamp duties. Pressure your salesman to provide you with a detailed write-up of all charges, including the full drive-away price. This tactic will give you a better idea of how much the car will actually cost you.

6. Does the Car Have Any Aftermarket Equipment?
You should ask this question for a few different reasons. For one, improperly installed customizations can impact the safety of a vehicle. Secondly, they can lower the value of a vehicle. Lastly, in some cases, aftermarket equipment can raise the resale value of a car, presenting a rare bargain for customers.

7. Did You Service Vehicle? If So, How Long Ago?
Longtime car owners know that an unused vehicle can develop several problems if parked for too long. Ask to see the service history. What you want to look for is regular maintenance over time and recent servicing within the last few months.

8. What Is the Monthly Payment?
If you want to maintain some semblance of a household budget, you will need to know how much you can expect to pay each month for your car. Your car salesman will work with you on the terms to make it as affordable as possible.

Now that you know which questions to ask your car salesman, try them out! Q Automotive

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