6 vaping terms that you really need to understand

6 vaping terms that you really need to understand

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As a beginner or veteran vaping enthusiast, you may have or will come across specific terms of vaping. You, nonetheless, don’t have to be the odd one out as your friends use any of these in the vaping context. The same case applies to when you are scavenging through the internet. Let’s debunk all the details and have the vaping terms explained in this write-up.


Kits, typically refer to the pieces of equipment used to load the e-liquid so that one can start the vaping process.  Some companies call them starter kits since most first-time vapers purchase them to familiarize themselves with vaping.  Unlike in the past where one wanted to purchase a mod and tank separately to enjoy vaping, today, the CBD Vape Kit is encompassed with a tank and a battery to necessitate the vaping exercise. 

Contents in a complete vape kit

In addition to a tank and a battery, some typical complete kits have a personal vaporizer mod, an atomizer, and a compatible charging cable. 

2.               Mods

Mods or vape mods refer to mechanical devices that depend on fire buttons to produce vapor and flavor on the product getting vaped. A mod, is, therefore, a crucial component in vaporizing dry cannabis and other herbs. It is more significant than an e-cigarette; thus, it produces more vapor as compared to an e-cig. The name mod comes from the fact that it is a modified vape pen to incorporate better features like producing more vapor.  It is, however, worth mentioning that a vape mod is the primal vaping device, without the tank, coil or a battery. Among its benefits is that it takes a short time to vape and restarting without affecting the vape mode reloading.It is the best for those who already have coils and tanks, with which they would like to pair with a mod. 

3.               E-juice

While others call it e-liquid, e-juice is a term that refers to the flavor solution used in an e-cigarette. What this typically implies is that the vapor flavor felt after vaping comes from the contents of the e-juice. Most e-juice manufacturers use nicotine, glycol, propylene and glycerin to make these e-juices. We, however, have to mention that it is wrong when some pieces of write-ups claim that all e-juices contain nicotine. Unlike cigarettes, e-juice produces vapor, instead of smoke. In explanation, an e-cig contains a coil. The e-juice gets passed through this coil in succession with a current from the kit's battery.The power current and e-juice leads to the formation of heat, and at the end of it all, some vapor. 

4.               Tanks

As the name suggests, vape tanks are the pieces of equipment of a vaping device for adding additional e-juices.This additional vape juice gets held into the reservoir of these vapor trip tanks. These tanks also harbor a vaping coil which strikes the fire, and thus, creating some vapor. Under most circumstances, stainless steel metals, anodized aluminum and glass are the used materials in creating vape tanks. However, it is worth mentioning that tanks don't come in similar specifications. For instance, the sizes vary, power levels, and the overall vaping experience felt by the vaper.

5.               Battery

A vape battery refers to the gadget that gives the power required to heat the coil in the tank of a vaporizer. It is a crucial product, without which a vaporizer is unusable since without heating the coil, there can never be any vapor. Today, there are both external and internal vape batteries. If you are asking yourself which vape batteries are the best, then your preference comes in handy big time.Internal or inbuilt vape batteries refer to the batteries used in internal battery mods. The main benefit with the inbuilt-vape battery is that it is easy to use, as compared with its external counterpart.External vape batteries refer to the mod batteries that don't come pre-built with the vape mods. Just like may external batteries of different devices, external vale batteries have negative and positive terminals.These call for carefulness to the vaper when installing the battery to the mod. 

6.               Carts or cartridges

This term in the vaping context refers to the attachments connected to an e-cigarette or a vape pen. When one purchases them, they are already pre-filled concentrates that can get vaped. They contain a battery that gets activated after the user pushes their button. The battery then powers an atomizer.This atomizer is, therefore, responsible for heating the concentrates at medium temperatures to cause vapor.Vape carts or cartridges mostly harbor contents like terpenes, hydrosols, artificial flavors, and herb or cannabis extracts.

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