Two Reasons to Get Your Routine Service at a Ford Dealership

Two Reasons to Get Your Routine Service at a Ford Dealership

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Every vehicle needs routine services, like oil changes, to keep it running at peak performance. For those of us looking for Ford service in Brisbane, there are some great reasons to always go to a Ford dealership, even for what seems like simple service.

Price Promise From Ford
The Ford price promise is a great reason to go to the dealership. If you take your car to an independent mechanic, you may not have any idea what your routine service will cost, and the costs have been known to mysteriously rise between the time you check in and the time you pick up your car. Plus, if the mechanic 'finds a problem' during your routine service, you may be faced with that age-old dilemma: do you believe them and pay for the repairs, or do you waste time and money taking it to get a second opinion and possibly risk damage to the vehicle if the mechanic was right?

Even worse, some shady mechanics may even do the repair without consulting you first and then try to charge you for more than you originally agreed. Ford's Price Promise means you'll never be faced with these dilford service in brisbaneemmas. Ford will always stick to the flat rate estimate of how much any routine service will cost. There will be no surprises, and if your service tech finds a genuine problem, you will be notified and asked before any further work is done.

Access all of the Ford Benefits
When you book your routine service at the dealership, you have access to a lot of benefits that a general car garage will not offer. For example, your dealership will offer you a loaner car if your service is going to take more than a few hours. This is perfect if you need service or repairs but also need to get around and get things done. And if you do decide to wait, you will find a comfortable and well-appointed waiting area where you can get some work done. Many general garages don't even have a place for you to sit down.

You can also take advantage of service inspections that are thrown in free even when you're getting routine service. These inspections are there to make sure you will never have a nasty surprise later on down the line. You'll be notified before any extra work is done, and if you don't want to have it done right away, your tech can give you an estimate of how long you can safely wait before the issue must be addressed.

Getting your service done at the local dealership gives you peace of mind and value. The dealership has other revenue streams besides the service centre, so unlike your local garage, they are not incentivized to sell services you don't need or waste your time and money. There's really no reason to go anywhere but the dealer for routine service.

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