Why is AWS successful?

Why is AWS successful?

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AWS, i.e., Amazon Web Service, is the cloud system formulated by Amazon that provides cloud computing solutions to businesses around the world. AWS is the leading cloud computing system that plays the role of the main profit driver for Amazon. If you look at the reports, you will find that AWS is the frontrunner compared to other cloud computing solutions providers. How come AWS is so successful? What are the things that add to its popularity among the users? Before getting into these questions, let’s understand what AWS is.

What is AWS?

AWS is the collection of remote computing services. It is known for providing servers, storage, networking, remote computing, email, mobile development, and security-related solutions to individuals and business organizations. AWS works through its 3 product types: EC2-its virtual machine server; Glacier-low-priced cloud storage service; and S3-Amazon’s storage system.

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AWS is acting as the leading cloud service provider in the industry. It covers more than one-third of the marketplace, and the rest is covered by the other two big giants, i.e., Azure and Google Cloud.

AWS has its wings in 76 availability zones covering around 245 countries and territories.

What makes AWS so successful and preferable among its users?

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Well, here are a few things that will clear this question.

It saves money: Using AWS saves money on the high costs of maintaining physical storage rooms. With the help of AWS, more and more organizations are processing their physical storage systems over the cloud. Of course, an organization has to invest a lot of money into physical establishments. But with the help of the cloud, the hefty cost can be saved and easily be transacted into something that an organization needs to develop.

It is scalable and adaptable: AWS is well-known for its scalability and the services it provides. When an organization develops, AWS offers the required amount of assets as per the extension required. As business grows, so does AWS, bringing in more computing solutions. It behaves in an adaptable manner and responds well to the budgetary requirements of an organization, allowing it to focus on other processing needs.

It is secure and reliable; AWS is widely known for its security features too. Of course, AWS security is incomparable to an organization’s own security parameters. AWS is currently enjoying heaps of server farms all over the globe, and they are all updated and enquired about timely to avoid any errors in terms of security. This security improves the dependability of organizations using AWS.

In terms of functionality, AWS is constantly growing in terms of its functional areas wherein it is constantly bringing up new solutions for organizations. It is constantly buzzing with new informative and machine learning functionalities and creating scope for businesses worldwide.

AWS is serving as the cash counter for Amazon. Its services are largely preferred by businesses worldwide. Organizations are taking the benefits of AWS and improving their services and products, too, in a cost-effective manner. All the above traits clarify the success mantra of AWS.

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