Taking a long head back over the stressful life it's time to enjoy it

Taking a long head back over the stressful life it's time to enjoy it

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Do you ever realise that stress is one of the biggest problems of our anger, anxiety, depression and other health problems? Have you ever tried stress-relief activities? If you are in stress then we will suggest you change your location and spend time with those who makes you feel special or are precious to you. That person can be your wife, children, friends or anyone. Planning a trip to a new location will help you in getting more stress-free time and will allow you to think about yourself where you are going wrong and what you should do. That's why to cope up with all these situations we are here presenting a marvelous Delhi Agra Taj Mahal Day Trip.  

We understand that everyone is busy in today's life and it is really hard to find some time for yourself. Maybe your boss does not provide your holidays. To get relieved from such a situation we have here brought these Delhi Agra 1 night 2 days tour package . This  Night trip will not  Night take much of your time as it will get onto an end in just a single day. If we talk about more on this journey then here you will get to enjoy exploring two iconic cities of India which are Delhi and Agra. We will come to know in detail about them later. Before that let us get an answer to one question, if no outings then how will you get fun in life? It is needed to change your lifestyle and bring some excitement in it.

Now, let's have a brief introduction about both of the cities.


Let's begin it with Delhi as it is also the capital of India. Delhi is quite a big city and it is said that if you go on roads without proper knowledge then you may lose your way. All the roads look similar and to reach your destination there is strict need of a proper guide which you get in Delhi Agra same day tour. There are many places to visit in Delhi like Red Fort, India Gate, Qutub Minar, Bangla sahib, Parliament House, lotus temple, mahatma Gandhi memorial etc.


It is one of the magnificent cities of India. If you are coming here with a taj mahal day trip then you are going to enjoy a lot. As we take care of your comfort and plan your journey in a way that you can enjoy. There are several places to visit in Agra from which most famous is the Taj Mahal. The other places includes Itmad-ud-daulah, Mughal Garden, Chini ka rauza, Meena Bazaar, Fatehpur Sikri, Agra Fort, Baby Taj etc. These are few places to explore in Agra in a single day.

We are very sure that this Delhi Agra same day tour is going to bring lots of fun memories in your life. It will generate a new bond of love with your family or partner. So what are you waiting for plan your journey as soon as possible.

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kumartour travel blog images

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