A road trip to Kinnaur and Spiti Valley in 2020

A road trip to Kinnaur and Spiti Valley in 2020

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A Road trip always delightful for everyone and India has a lot of places which are popular for road trip. There is a place which is known as Spiti valley and quite famous for Pune to Lahaul Spiti Valley packages. You can experience some amazing moment during your road trip to Kinnaur and Spiti valley. There are some following destination which you can visit during your journey :-

1. Rampur Bushahr to Chitkul

You can start your bike trip from Rampur Bushahr to Chitkul on day first. From Rampur Bhushahr to Chitkul distance is approximate 120 kms. During your bike trip, You can see Bhimakali Temple, Jeori, Karchan. Himalayas are seems like they are guarding the temple which has a unique architecture and resembles a monastery. Sarhan is known as the gateway to the Kinnaur Valley. By crossing the beautiful landscapes and small streams of Karchan you can reach Chitkul. Chitkul is the last village on the old Indo-Tibet route and last point where Indians don't need any permit. It is beautiful and small village on the banks on river Baspa. you can spend your wonderful time by walking around the village and beautiful Baspa river.

2. Chitkul to Kalpa

Chitkul to Kalpa distance is approximate 63 kms. During your trip from Chitkul to Kalpa, You can see Rakchham, Sangla, Karchan. You can start your day with a rainbow that you can spot in Chitkul. You can experience a marvel environment. The route tugged along river sutlej and offers several views that make you happy. In afternoon, You may go to the hotel where you may stay. You should look first thing in the morning to spot the peak. The Roghi Cliff is a famous in Kalpa. It is also known as suicide point. Kalpa is a small town which is a part of lower Kinnaur valley. It is famous for its apple, Orchards, Pears and apricots.

3.Kalpa to Tabo

After Kalpa, You can start your bike trip from Kalpa to Tabo. In your way, You may experience a lot of wonderful views and visit Nako, Gue Monastery. Distance between these destinations are approx 150 kms. First stop where you reach is Nako Lake which surrounded by willow tress. It is a high altitude lake and considered sacred. Here, You can experience a wonderful view of sparkling water of lake. Tabo is a small village on the banks of Spiti river and is a part of the Spiti Valley. Nako village has few options to stay for travelers.After this, You can visit Gue Monastery which is home to a mummy over 500 year old. you can also spend your time by looking around the village and surroundings. After visit this Monastery, Your next stop will be Tabo.

4.Tabo to Kaza

Tabo is a small village which is very famous for its Tabo Monastery. Here, You can enjoy your moment by visit near by surrounding and villages. The next day, After visit Tabo, You may start your bike trip from Tabo to Kaza. Distance between these places are approx 50 kms. In Your way, You may visit Dhankar, Mudh in Pin Valley. During the trip, You can visit Dhankar Monastery which overlooks the confluence of pin and Spiti rivers. After Dhankar Monastery, You can deviate towards the Pin valley. Here, You can visit Mudh which is a small village in this valley. This village is quite and away from the world. The locals are very helpful and kind. From Here, You may start your trip from Pin parvati trek and ends at Mudh. After This village, You can head back on the route to reach Kaza. Your journey will be beautiful and along the pin river.

5. Kaza to Chandra Taal

Kaza is a town and commercial center of the Spiti valley. It is located along the Spiti River. It is divided into the old, as Kaza Khas and another one as Kaza Soma sections. It is known for its colorful festivals and the ancient Sakya Tangyud Monastery in a side valley which is little far from town. It is also famous with tourists and adventure seekers during summer months because of its central location and connections to the rest of the valley. From Kaza to Chandran, You can start your bike trip. During your journey, You can explore Losar, Kunzum La which is also popular. Chandra taal is a mountain lake which is located in Spiti valley. It is very beautiful and known as moon lake. It is sacred lake and prayer flags are tied around it which flutter with the wind and seems like they are talking to the lake. As sun changes its position, The water chages colors which is considerly very charming. Here, You can do camping and sight seeing. You can enjoy the night by star gazing.

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