Yoga – The Way of Life | The Art of Living India – Understanding Yoga

Yoga – The Way of Life | The Art of Living India – Understanding Yoga

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At present, most of yoga teaching center emphasis on three main forms of yoga- Pranayama (breathing techniques), yoga asanas (yogic postures developed by sages and yoga practitioners) and dhyana (meditation). For beginners emphasis is given on yoga asanas and meditation as regular practice of postures and deep breathing techniques would prepare them for higher levels of yoga. Although asana and Pranayama helps in reliving people from stress and improving physical health, it also affects the spiritual and mental state in a positive way. Yoga helps in synchronizing mind with body. This synchronization of mind and body enhances a practitioner capability to perform better in every aspect of life.

In the advance stages of yoga, the aim of the practitioners is to attain the state of super consciousness- where a person not get affected by feelings such as sorrow and anger, and frees himself of the results of the past actions of his life or karma.

The path of yoga motivates people to live a simple and righteous (satvic) life. To some extent, yoga also promote the idea of sustainable development as in Indian yoga philosophy calls yoga practitioners to live a simple life and always strive for spiritual.

Rishikesh Yogpeeth At Abhayaranya Learning And Living Yoga

Learning yoga in Rishikesh is a unique experience. Rishikesh has been the cradle of this ancient tradition for centuries. Many great saints and numerous practitioners have spent their lives practicing and teaching yoga here. The cumulative energies of these masters make Rishikesh a special place to learn and practice Yoga.

The benefits of studying Yoga in Rishikesh are many. Perhaps one of the reasons for coming here is that you will meet many people from across the world who come here for the same reason as you and share your passion. It may come as a surprise that the relatively little time that you spend here, creates strong bonds. Bonds that may stretch across nations, cultures, religions, age, gender and sometimes last a lifetime. That is why we have seen many teary goodbyes at the end of courses at Rishikesh Yogpeeth. People connected through their hearts and their passion for yoga knit into a yoga family that transcends separation.

Eligibility to join 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training Course in India

This 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training Course is for anyone from anywhere, with any background, nationality or religion. Be ready, it may open up the gate of possibilities, can bring wonders especially for those stuck with the ideas of limitations, can be magical, if you are already interested in exploration of this ancient Indian art & science of Yoga.

Medium of communication in this course is English, so it requires a certain amount of proficiency in the language to be able to handle and respond to the instructions and lectures. There are no educational requirements to join it. As long as you are able to express yourself and be who you are, you're welcome.

The age of the Candidate shouldn't be less than 18 or more than 60 at the time of admission. In case of any of these situations a prior permission from the executive committee of Rishikesh Yogpeeth is mandatory.

Individuals experiencing injuries or ailments are advised to get in touch with a Medical professional before joining the course. Rishikesh Yogpeeth may ask for a letter of permission as a prerequisite from that Medical authority. In case of pregnancy, a certificate of medical authorization is a must to be able to participate in this physically and mentally intensive discipline.

Due to any reason, if a participant is found unfit to complete the course curriculum, Rishikesh Yogpeeth keeps the right to discontinue his/her course without any refund. In some of the inevitable situations Rishikesh Yogpeeth may allow participants to complete the course in the near future with the same fee and no additional charges.

Kindly be aware that the traditional Indian methods of teaching this ancient art of Yoga may differ from a western philosophical standpoint. During the Course, there also is a possibility that the fundamental understanding of Yogic Path may come up differently in comparison to the Yoga School in West. Therefore it's very important for the participants to make up their mind for this challenging but rewarding experience before committing to it.

Especially in case, if you are just expecting this to be a modified form of physical workout in the name of Yoga, then choosing Rishikesh Yogpeeth as a Yoga School in India may not be the right decision for you. One should apply for this only if he/she is ready & willing to experience the strict regime of Yogic rules and regulations at the center.

200hrs Yoga Teacher Training in India is suitable for…

This Course is designed by the experienced Yoga Teachers of Rishikesh Yogpeeth. While making the outline of the course they went on putting a lot of emphasis on the needs of a beginner as well as the intermediate practitioner of Yoga. So, this course not only guides the beginner towards their first step into the world of Yoga but at the same time helps the intermediate practitioner to move forward in their journey with clear directions.

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Rishikesh yogpeeth travel blog images

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