Seven Things Solo Travel Teaches You

Seven Things Solo Travel Teaches You

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Everybody has a hobby to make their spare time some quality time and to fulfill their desire for accomplishment but traveling is the only hobby that changes one person entirely. It leaves such a huge impact on one’s mind and personality that you become a totally new person after each trip you take. Traveling around the world changes the world within us too.

At some point all our friends and family got settled in their lives, got married, have children, careers and mortgages. It's a lot of stuff to cut for a person who is not so into traveling. Sometimes it becomes a necessity than a choice you just have to go solo if you want to travel. And you can do this by acquiring cheap flights to Somalia and other parts of the world.  Traveling solo sounds scary at first but apparently, it has many positive aspects too. There is absolute freedom and independence in traveling alone; you will learn to love loneliness. Most importantly you are in charge of your decisions and in charge of your own budget. If you have not considered traveling solo, you should do it at least for one time in your life.

Confidence Boosting

In today’s busy life we have enclosed ourselves with so many invisible boundaries that we are unable to see so many adventures await us just to be explored. Once you choose to go on a solo trip the first thing you realize how limiting traveling with other people could be. Traveling brings out the most confident and independent version of you. There is so much energy in just saying yes to whatever opportunities knocking on your door and it can lead to a whole new level of self-realization. Solo traveling makes you more outgoing, confident, self-assured and most importantly it teaches you how to live without depending on others.


When you are on the road a lot of things can go unplanned. No matter how much time you have spent and how closely you have prepared for the trip there will always be a chance that things can go not according to plan. So whether you consider yourself spontaneous or not, solo traveling brings out the spontaneity in you. Going solo gives you the courage to accept the sudden changes and prepares you to embrace the things that came along into our lives unexpectedly. So just don’t stress out, be spontaneous, go with the flow and enjoy the moment. You are going to have the best memories from the unexpected adventures.

Making Friends

A major misperception about solo traveling is that you will be alone all the time, it is absolutely false. Traveling alone forces us to step outside of our comfort zone which makes use more open to new people and experiences. Traveling expands your social circle in real sense you will make connections with all kinds of people. On some trip you will have an interesting conversation with you will never speak to or meet again, some people will become a memory and on some trip, you will make friends for life, like-minded people but with a totally different background and experience that only travel could have crossed our paths.


With all our busy lives we never realized how many important life decisions we make out of compromise. In every aspect of life we are forced to make the choices which are accepted by the society, let it be career, lifestyle, life partner unknowingly we make a compromise. One of the greatest aspects of traveling alone is self-realization. You have plenty of time to focus on the things you want to do without a compromise. You can do things with you wanted to do without seeing any judgmental looks on anyone’s face. A journey on your own is also a journey to self-realization. It taught you life is not all about compromises; it’s about freedom and flexibility and our choice of how we want to live.

Managing Skills

Traveling alone improves your managing skills. From planning a trip to narrowing down to the places you want to visit, everything needs to be taken care of. You may face a situation where you ran out cash or anything vital; such situations make us learn how to manage and handle things on our own. We may not come out with flying colors but alone on the road can teach you lessons which you cannot learn anywhere else.

World is Mostly Good

In traveling you are in a constant learning process. Before stepping out of your house one may have countless fears on his or her but once you are out there you will realize that most of your fears are mostly based on false information or misperceptions. Traveling taught you that most of the people you met on your journey are good and helpful. They don’t see you how you see yourself; they see you with respect and admiration and want to be a part of your journey just for a little time rather than to harm you.

Taking a few precautions can put you in a better position in case of any unpleasant situation. Always trust your gut, if something doesn’t feel right it probably won’t. Phone networks can out of reach and batteries can run out, so always carry a list of important addresses, phone numbers with you in case you could not use your phone. Share your travel plans with someone back home. Traveling changes your perspective about the world and the people living in. The world is mostly good and beautiful in its own way and it’s a journey away for you to see it.

No Regrets

Traveling, no doubt, is an unmatched experience. It is really hard to find a travel buddy who has the same taste and passion for traveling as you do. Instead of waiting for someone to take time off from their routine and go on a journey with you, gather a little courage and venture off on your own. This solo adventure will be one of the best decisions that one can ever make, including the cheap flights to Mogadishu, you took for your travelling. It will bring so many positive changes in one’s life that they cannot imagine. It is always a better idea to have memories in your life because in the end you will not remember the failures but regret the chances you did not take. Traveling alone is a whole new world filled with unexpected adventures and it also turns you into an amazing storyteller. The only way to travel solo is to show a little courage, book a ticket and just go, 20 years from now you will be glad that you did it.

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